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Here are 10 things the “All or Nothing” trailer showed us to get excited about

We’re inside a month now.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The third season of Amazon’s “All or Nothing” drops on Amazon Prime on April 27th. The first two seasons were great glimpses at the 2015 Arizona Cardinals and 2016 Los Angeles Rams, it stands to reason that the 2017 Dallas Cowboys will be profiled quite well.

When news was first announced that last season’s Cowboys were in fact the AoN team, we immediately had a lot of questions. In fact we even had a list of 10 things to be excited over (see it here).

We’re now at a point though where we have legitimate video to process. The season’s official trailer dropped on Friday, and it makes the season (of All or Nothing, not the Cowboys) look incredible.

You need to watch this, probably a few times. But if you don’t feel like it, I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 things we can now officially get excited about, based on video evidence.

Figuring out what Jason Garrett thinks are distractions

At the very beginning of the trailer, Jason Garrett notes that in 2017 there are a lot of distractions. Hate to break it to you coach, but um, that’s kind of every year.

What is he talking about specifically, though? We can definitely guess, but hopefully we get to find out exactly what Jason Garrett was qualifying as a distraction and when he was doing it.

Cowboys mic’d up at practices

We all see the Sound FX episodes that NFL Films puts out every week, but it’s rare that you get to see what players are saying during practices. At one point here Dez Bryant and Dak Prescott are having a conversation.

What other things were picked up at practice? What discussions? We’ll get to find out.

Learning the Cowboys meeting-room habits

At one point in the trailer Jason Garrett can be seen giving the team the news about Ezekiel Elliott missing six games. A shot of the Cowboys meeting room is shown, and players are spread out sporadically.

Once we have full footage of these types of moments, we’ll be able to discern the groups and cliques the Cowboys roll in. Do all the linemen sit next to each other? Is Dak Prescott always next to Dez Bryant? The information that’s never-before-seen will now be known.

Watching that Ezekiel Elliott news meeting unfold

One of the biggest moments of last season’s “All or Nothing” was when Jeff Fisher announced to his Rams players that he’d been fired. It was a historic occasion for NFL Films as we’d never seen something like this ever happen.

A similar bit of history is going to be made in these episodes when we get to see how Jason Garrett informed the team that Zeke was indeed going to serve his suspension. Seeing how he delivered the news will be fascinating, as will watching the reaction.

Seeing Orlando Scandrick implore the team

For the first time in his career, Orlando Scandrick was voted a team captain entering the 2017 season. It came as a shock to many, but seeing this trailer, it’s obvious he speaks up in meetings.

At one point in the trailer, presumably down the stretch of the season, Orlando can be seen telling other players on the defense that if they don’t make the playoffs, some guys might not have jobs when it was all over. It’s a cruel twist of irony as Scandrick himself was released.

One-on-one time with Jason Witten

There’s a quick point in the trailer where Jason Witten can be seen driving and is narrating what the Cowboys have to do. This is a common thing to happen in all sorts of documentaries.

A one-on-one conversation with Jason Witten, though? In the middle of the Cowboys season? Being open and honest about what the team has to do? That’s rare.

Alfred Morris!

It’s literally worth getting excited about simply seeing Alfred Morris, considering he’s so naturally quiet and had an interesting role in two years with the Cowboys.

At one point in the trailer Alfred is showing off a car (presumably the one that’s been written about for years now), but it’s just him. It’s only Alfred Morris. In a season where so much revolved around him, this will be worth watching.

Laid-back locker room environments

If you wanted to watch Dez Bryant head-butt Ryan Switzer, this trailer is for you. The thing is, Dez did it without a helmet, while Ryan had one on. Whoops.

Dez ultimately says “ow!” and laughs about forgetting not having a helmet on. The rest of the locker room laughs with him, and we’ll likely get to see more of their behavior and personalities in this intimate setting.

Team Dinners

The Cowboys offensive line is known to head out for team dinners during the season. How do we know this? Courtesy of the world wide web, amigos.

It seems in the trailer that we get some access inside these moments that bread is broken. First of all, how much food is eaten at these things? Second, what do they talk about?!

Coaches meetings... and what the “hell of a story is”

Right at the very end of the trailer, Jason Garrett can be seen in what looks like a coaches or personnel meeting of sorts. Imagine what Jason Garrett looks like leading meetings.

One of the noteworthy things here is that Jason Garrett says “it’s going to be a hell of a story.” What is he talking about? What’s going to be a story?

The 2017 Dallas Cowboys are, that’s for what.

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