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The Cowboys sure are showing a lot of interest in wide receivers

Why oh why would the Cowboys be looking for a lot of receivers?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t a real Dallas Cowboys offseason unless there’s some sort of drama involving Dez Bryant. Dez hasn’t done anything this offseason, it’s the Cowboys that everyone is watching like a hawk.

Will the Cowboys release their all-time leader in receiving touchdowns? Or will they try to flip him for something in return? Maybe Dallas will keep him and this will have all been for not, but the writing on the wall down this rabbit hole is interesting to say the least.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported on Monday that the Cowboys showed interest in Jeremy Maclin this offseason. That makes four, at minimum, receivers Dallas looked at this offseason (they signed Deonte Thompson and Allen Hurns and Justin Hunter visited). Why would the Cowboys be looking at receivers so carefully?

While we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with Dez, it certainly stands to reason that the Cowboys are at the very least seriously contemplating his future with the team. This would be a bit cold considering it’s so late into free agency and if they did move on from Dez his chances at a great deal are obviously slimmer now, but they are truly looking after themselves which is what you ultimately want.

Josina also reported that there is seemingly no update on the Dez front. The new news is that the old news is news. We’re all still waiting.

The draft is just over two weeks away. Jerry, um, it would be cool if, uh, the Cowboys knew whether or not they’d have Dez when formulating their roster (I’m sure nobody would debate that point).

Is that not fair? Isn’t it kind of crazy that the Cowboys are seemingly going into the draft not 100% certain whether Dez Bryant will be on their team this season even though they are the ones that make that decision?

These are wild times.

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