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Cowboys Mock Draft 8.0: What is the plan if Dallas releases Dez Bryant?

This mock will serve as the contingency plan should the Cowboys release the former All-Pro receiver.

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The Cowboys are finally setting a date to meet with former All-Pro receiver, Dez Bryant. It’s been the biggest story of the offseason and the biggest unfinished business. Now it’s to a point where leaks are coming out that some within the organization believe he’s washed up while others want to wait and see. Either way, it all comes down to what Jerry Jones decides when the two parties meet this Friday.

What if the Cowboys ask to lower his $16.5 million cap figure in the form of a pay cut and he balks? If the Cowboys decide to cut him they could save $8 million but they’d also be eating $8.5 million in dead money. They could also decide to designate him a post-June 1st cut and save $12 million, eating $4 million in 2019.

The last option could be to extend him but after all this offseason fanfare, that seems highly unlikely to be the solution. So, for this mock, our eighth version, we’re going to toy with the idea that 88 isn’t here, even if we all share differing opinions on this matter.

Remember that for these exercises, we like to use the mock simulator at Fanspeak but also the Trade Value Chart from DraftTek.


As the first round begins, the Cowboys get a call from the Atlanta Falcons, they offer picks 26 + 90 + 126 (886 points) for picks 19 + 208 (882.8 points).

Pick 26 (From ATL): Cowboys select D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland (Brugler: 29th)

Analysis: If the Cowboys are without Dez, they need to pull the trigger on a wide receiver early. Moore is a personal favorite, he’s a guy that performed despite the quarterbacks, all eight of them, that were throwing him the ball. He’s built in the frame of what the new breed of receivers are becoming in the NFL.

It’s not all about the “X” receivers anymore with volume catching and yards after catch being just as important. What’s also important are players that create their own separation and have a vast understanding of the route tree. Moore can be a star in this league, being paired with a dominant rushing attack will lead to amazing opportunities for he and Dak Prescott.

Pick 50: Cowboys select Austin Corbett, G, Nevada (Brugler: 56th)

Analysis: The left guard position is something that the Cowboys have to figure out because it’s extremely vital to their offense. Here, the Cowboys waste little time as they’re able to get a plug-and-play starter that is extremely athletic and nasty at the point of attack. Corbett is one of the more intriguing guard prospects in this draft. He is a brawler and super reliable having started 48 of 49 games. Corbett will be the next great collegiate tackle to make his transition inside.

Pick 81: Cowboys select Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State (Brugler: 75th)

Analysis: Dallas is pleased to see the “run-eraser” Baker still on the board and he fills a need they have at linebacker. Baker has the athleticism to make up a lot of ground with his ability to cover sideline-to-sideline. The NFL is requiring linebackers to be much more athletic as the short passing game becomes even more popular. Baker has great straight-line speed but he also possesses elite range. He gets favorable comparisons to Telvin Smith of the Jaguars, another player who received high marks from the Cowboys.


Cowboys see that it may be their final chance to get a defensive tackle that they like and the top guy on the board is Tim Settle from Virginia Tech. There is no guarantee he’ll be there at 90 though his overall grade is 91st overall. Dallas swings a trade with the Panthers by sending picks 90 + 171 + 236 (163.5 points) to move up to pick 85 (165 points).

Pick 85 (From CAR): Cowboys select Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech (Brugler: 91st)

Analysis: There just aren’t very many guys with his size (over 320 pounds) that can play with the agility that he does. Settle is an aggressive attacker, which gives him some upside as a pass rusher. He was a strong contributor to Virginia Tech’s incredible defense over the last few seasons. He may have only been a one-year starter but he was absolutely dominant and especially in the run game. Settle could be an addition to the Cowboys that makes everyone else’s life much easier.


Cowboys see an opportunity to add more athleticism to their secondary. They send picks 116 + 137 (99 points) to the Packers for pick 101 (96 points) in a slight overpay to take a safety.

Pick 101 (From GB): Cowboys select Tarvarious Moore, FS, Southern Miss (Brugler: —)

Analysis: Moore is still unranked but he’s catching fire of late due to his insanely high testing numbers. However, he’s not just a workout warrior, Moore can actually play as his tape matches the athleticism. The Cowboys need an athletic, rangy, playmaker on the back end now that Byron Jones is moving to cornerback. Moore can compete right away for that starting free safety position along with Xavier Woods and Jeff Heath. It’s not certain how much of a secret Moore truly is but if he’s there in the fourth round, it seems like a great value for the Cowboys.

Pick 126 (From ATL): Cowboys select Mark Walton, RB, Miami (Brugler: 127th)

Analysis: Dallas would like to add a young running back with juice to the mix and Walton certainly can provide that. He was asked to do a lot for the Hurricanes but he’s not the bell-cow type for the NFL. Walton is a dynamic playmaker in space with the ball in his hands, he brings the lightning to a powerful rushing attack. He had 26 touchdowns in a brief college career, which is nothing to scoff at. Walton does have a DUI on his record that he will have to answer to but he would be a solid addition to any offense.

Pick 192: Cowboys select Daurice Fountain, WR, Northern Iowa (Brugler: 196th)

Analysis: Fountain has become the pet cat in the sixth round. The Cowboys really should consider doubling up on receiving talent because there could be plenty of change ahead in the next two seasons. Fountain adds speed but he also brings a receiving threat that knows how to get open and stay open. Fountain could be a reliable target at the next level and a good preseason could vault him even higher.

Pick 193: Cowboys select Trayvon Henderson, SS, Hawaii (Brugler: 200th)

Analysis: Just as doubling up at receiver would be a good idea, so would snagging two safeties of opposite playing style. Henderson was one of the top Combine snubs but his ability to read and diagnose an offense will get him drafted. He’s got great timing and ball skills but will need to work on consistency. At worst, this is a great addition to special teams if Frazier is to get more playing time.

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