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Will Jason Witten break Dez Bryant’s all-time receiving touchdowns record before he’s done?

He’s six away from the mark Dez Bryant set.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We entered the 2017 season on Dez Bryant watch as far as touchdowns were concerned.

At the time, Dez needed only five touchdowns to become the franchise’s all-time leader in receiving touchdowns. He ultimately caught the record-breaker on November 30th against the Redskins, and he added one more a week later on the road against the Giants.

That was all she wrote for Dez, though. He ends his Cowboys career with 73 Xs thrown up. It’s hard to be disappointed with that production.

The thing is though, Jason Witten isn’t too far behind Dez. Gold Jacket Witt has 68 career touchdowns which, for you math wizards, means he trails Dez by five and needs six to own the record outright.

Witten has actually caught five touchdowns in two of his last four seasons, including 2017. It’s been a while since he caught at least six in one season though, the last instance was 2013 when he caught eight.

We’re living in a world where the Cowboys have moved on from players like DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant, so Jason Witten certainly isn’t immune to the axe of getting released. Witten did have his contract restructured this offseason, and on top of that he’s somewhat contemplated retirement before.

It’s possible, conceivable at the very least, that 2018 is Jason Witten’s last season in Dallas. Are 16 games enough to get Witten six, or at least five, touchdowns to give him another Dallas Cowboys record?

With no Dez Bryant on the field it certainly stands to reason that Witten will get at least as many targets as he has in the Dak Prescott era (95 and 87, respectively). There’s now one less redzone weapon, so maybe he’ll have more opportunities in the paint.

What do you think, BTB? Will Witten own the record by himself when it’s all said and done?

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