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NFC East teams reportedly not interested in Dez Bryant, but other landing spots make sense

He wants to stay in the NFC East, but is that feasible?

Los Angeles Chargers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

One thing we know, Dez Bryant will not be playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2018. At this moment, I guess you could consider all the other 31 teams still in play. But realistically, some are probably out because of salary cap reasons, or because they are good with their current wide receiver situation.

Journalist and fans alike are trying to figure out which team is the likely landing spot for the ex-Cowboy. Bryant has stated his desire to stay in the NFC East so he can get some personal revenge on Dallas twice a year. Is that realistic? According to a few sources, it doesn’t look like it. Here is

According to NFLPA estimates, here is the current amount of cap space for each of the teams in the NFC East:

Giants: $4,880,156

Washington: $17,161,175

Philadelphia: $1,675,154

While cap space isn’t necessarily the best indicator, Washington is really the only team who has the type of flexibility to make this move. The Giants likely are not going to add Bryant to a room with Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shephard and Brandon Marshall, unless they view Bryant as an upgrade over Marshall at a reduced rate. The Eagles are not going to sign a receiver who would likely flounder in their trips-heavy offense given the look of his routes in 2018.

Out of the three NFC East teams, Washington’s name is the one that keeps popping up, but it’s being reported they really aren’t interested.

But that likely doesn’t include the Redskins. A person familiar with the Redskins’ thinking who spoke on condition of anonymity said the team isn’t interested right now in Bryant, whose touchdown celebration is to make an “X” with his arms.

The problem with adding Bryant is figuring out how he fits into the offense, when the depth chart is already three deep and Washington has already made a big commitment to Richardson. The Redskins projected starters are Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson and Richardson. Crowder figures to work the slot in three-receiver sets, while the team has been pushing for more opportunities for Doctson, dating back to last season. Given the recent signing of Richardson, where exactly would Bryant fit?

More reports of the NFC East passing on Dez.

By most reports, the NFC East doesn’t seem like a likely landing spot for Dez, but of course things could change. But for right now, it looks like he’ll be moving out of the division. There should be a market for him, but Schultz reports many teams are taking a pass.

Many of those teams are likely without much salary cap space, or like was mentioned before, they are good with what they have at receiver. But there are some teams that meet the criteria of cap space or have the need and could work a creative contract. Adam Schefter picks his top ones.

Some other destinations that have been mentioned.

New England Patriots - They like to grab guys like Dez who are late in their career who have been let go from their teams for various reasons and work them into the Patriot Way. But they have a very full WR room at the moment, still, with Bill Belichick you can’t rule anything out. One thing they wouldn’t do is offer big money, but rely on offering a shot at the Super Bowl and to play with Tom Brady.

San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers don’t have an elite WR corps, and they would like to have a redzone target for Jimmy Garoppolo and they have cap space.

Indianapolis Colts - The Colts have a ton of cap space and would like to have someone they can pair up with TY Hilton. The status of Andrew Luck is one issue, something Dez might have to think about if they are interested.

Houston Texans - They could pair Dez up with Deandre Hopkins and Dez could stick it to the Cowboys a little by staying in state and also get to play with up-and-coming QB DeShaun Watson. They certainly have the cap space to make it happen.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks are some other names being mentioned.

I’m betting on the Ravens or the 49ers.

Where do you think he will end up BTB?