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Dak Prescott praises Dez Bryant, says he had no involvement in his release

The Cowboys quarterback takes the high road in questions about Dez Bryant’s release.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

When Dez Bryant was released by the Cowboys, he had some parting shots for the team, including pointing the finger at some players as having a hand in his release. Specifically, he mentioned guys wearing the ”C” - captains. One of those captains last year was quarterback Dak Prescott. That set off some speculation around the young quarterbacks possible involvement in the changing of the guard at receiver. Prescott says that is not what happened in his case.

“I’m in my second year,” Prescott said Saturday night, via multiple reports. “As much as you want to say, ‘I want a say-so’ or this and that, those guys get paid a lot more than me. That’s what those guys get paid to do. That’s not my decision.”

When asked specifically about Bryant calling out captains on the team, Prescott didn’t take the bait, instead opting to display some empathy with Bryant’s current situation.

“I mean I’m sure he’s hearing stuff, and I’m sure he’s getting it from a lot of different ways so I mean I’m not going to finger-point at anybody,” Prescott said. “I’m not going to get upset for who he’s pointing at or who he thinks did this. So I mean, as I said, it’s a business, and it’s part of it.”

Prescott also addressed how he personally felt about Bryant, and how the Cowboys proceed without him.

Still, Prescott said it’s tough to see Bryant go, calling him “like a brother to me.”

“Dez is gonna be a hard guy to replace,” Prescott said. “He’s a talented guy. He’ll be missed.”

“He was a great player,” Prescott said. “He did a lot of great things for us obviously. He was a guy man-to-man you’d go to. At this point, we’ve got to figure that out with the guys we’ve got. I’m sure we’re going to go after guys in the draft or free agency. Who knows? All I can do is continue to get better at my job and just do the best I can do.”

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