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Cowboys 2018 draft: Would you make this draft trade to obtain the services of Earl Thomas?

A proposed draft deal for Earl Thomas, but is it worth it?

Wild Card Round - Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Over at ESPN, Bill Barnwell has created an all-trade mock draft. In this mock, every team must trade their first-round pick for other picks, or players, or some combination of both. It’s a fun exercise for entertainment value, but it brings up a point that has resurfaced recently. The Cowboys trading for safety Earl Thomas. With cap space created by the release of Dez Bryant, the subject is getting a fresh hearing.

So it is with Barnwell, who suggests this mock draft trade involving the Cowboys and Earl Thomas.

19. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys get: S Earl Thomas; 4-120

Seahawks get: 1-19; 3-81; DB Byron Jones

The obligatory Thomas trade has to fit a few criteria to justify the Seahawks’ demands. The Seahawks have reportedly been asking for first- and third-round picks as part of a Thomas deal. They get that here, but also have to give up a fourth-rounder to make it happen. They also get Jones, who has struggled at safety but has the size and college experience that could make him a valuable prospect for the Seahawks at cornerback. The team trading for Thomas would also need to make sure that it can sign the future Hall of Famer to an extension, but given Thomas’ professed affection for Dallas, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The appeal of landing Thomas in Dallas is obvious. It’s something the Cowboys should consider, but at this kind of price? That is a very steep price to pay for a guy who is just about to pass the 30-years-old mark, and has had some recent injury issues. He’s a phenomenal talent, and he would undoubtedly upgrade this defense for the next few years when he’s on the field. But he would also eat up some cap space, and you would be getting rid of a first-round pick, plus a former first-round pick. Also, the difference between the third (#81) that you would give away and the fourth (#120) that you would get back is over a full round.

Byron Jones hasn’t lived up to his first-round billing, but I will be interested to see what kind of player he can be committing to cornerback full time under Kris Richard. I can’t see this trade being a good one for Dallas.

Would you make that trade?


What would your reaction to Bill Barnwell’s proposed trade be?

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  • 6%
    Yes! Give me Earl Thomas and the Cowboys defense will be so much better.
    (523 votes)
  • 93%
    No! The cost is not worth it, even though Earl Thomas is a quality player.
    (7037 votes)
7560 votes total Vote Now

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