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Earl Thomas not at first day of voluntary workouts for the Seahawks

Should we read anything into the absence of Earl Thomas at Seahawks workouts?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it means nothing, after all, they are voluntary workouts. Still, it is sort of interesting that safety Earl Thomas has not been present at voluntary workouts for the Seattle Seahawks.

Again, these are voluntary workouts. Players miss them for a variety of reasons and we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on them. He could start showing up at any time.

But up in Seattle, many are seeing this as a sign that Thomas and the Seahawks are headed for rough waters.

Earl Thomas apparently has sent the first of what may become multiple messages that he won’t play for the Seahawks this year without a new deal. Or a trade.


The Seahawks have so many other issues to take care of right now besides extending Thomas--including next week’s draft, incorporating a new offensive coordinator, a new defensive coordinator, two other new top assistants and what is expected to be new offensive linemen and running backs in coach Pete Carroll’s vow to return to the run game.

Amid all that, Thomas obviously wants to make sure his concerns don’t get lost.

What else does Thomas want? He sure noticed last year when Kansas City re-signed safety Eric Berry, who was in the same draft class as Thomas, to a extension with $40 million guaranteed.

That’s the other side of obtaining Thomas. In addition to giving up draft picks, you need to sign him to a new deal which will be very pricey.

Most observers of the Seahawks contend he is sending a message. Either a new deal or a trade where he will get a new deal. If his absence continues, we’ll know for sure, but if he shows up today, tomorrow or soon, it might be something else.

Jane Slater reports that he has said he won’t play without an extension.

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