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Who should the Cowboys pick at 50: Front-page writers rank their top five choices

The consensus mini-board for the Cowboys second-round pick is in.

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The crazy action in the first round of the draft has left several quality players on the board. Some of the players remaining have been brought up as potential first-round targets for the Cowboys so they would be an absolute steal at 50. There are 17 picks to be made before Dallas goes on the clock so we will all be playing the “hold our breath” game as each selection is made. Will “our guy” make to 50? It’s certainly possible, but let’s take a look and see who “our guy” is.

[Side note: The exercise below came before the Jason Witten possible retirement news, but everybody stuck to their picks so it didn’t change the outcome.]

Just like I did with the first-round targets, I’ve asked my fellow front page writers to rank their top five choices for pick 50. From that, we’ve tallied up the scores and determined which player emerged as the top candidate.

DE Harold Landry, Boston College

Since the talented edge-rusher had the highest consensus ranking from us at 19, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him as the top dog for us at 50. Clearly, something is going on for him to slide completely out of the first round. Just how bad is his injury? Are people down on him because of how ineffective he is against the run? Certainly these questions need answers but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Landry go early in the second round. Barring some new development from his medicals, he’s just too good to pass up...again.

C/G James Daniels, Iowa

Man, if the Cowboys could pull this out of their hat, how cool would that be? Daniels is considered one of the top interior offensive linemen in this draft. His name has come up as a possible trade-back option should Dallas have moved back in the first round. He’s even been mentioned as a possible candidate at 19. Having him slide out of the first round means that someone is going to get a great deal when they pick Daniels. It sure would be nice if that someone was the Cowboys.

G Will Hernandez, UTEP

You guys remember when people were mocking the big bruising guard from UTEP to the Cowboys in the first round? Some thought that might be a bit of a reach, but loved the idea of moving back and getting him late in the first round for value. Well, you can’t beat the value he is giving you now. Hernandez has broad shoulders and tree stumps for arms. He is a punishing blocker and will drive defenders into the ground. He has a nice college resume of quality play, with a side order of nastiness. Hernandez would be such a great pick for the Cowboys in round two.

It’s worth noting that if the Cowboys miss out on Daniels or Hernandez, Connor Williams is a nice OL option as well. It’s very possible the Cowboys could solve two of their biggest team needs with their first two picks of the draft.

WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M

There have been four wide receivers that have garnered talk about being possible first round selections - Calvin Ridley, D.J. Moore, Christian Kirk, and Courtland Sutton. While the top two guys, Ridley and Moore, were taken in round one, teams appeared to be playing the waiting game as they snatched players from other positions on Day 1. Will that same display of patience hold true in round two or will there be a run on receivers? Both Kirk and Sutton would be outstanding value picks at 50 and would help bolster the team’s receiving group.

Even if Kirk is gone, there should be a good wide receiver available when the Cowboys are on the clock. Both Sutton and Anthony Miller are honorable mention targets from the front page staff.

DT Maurice Hurst, Michigan

The defensive tackle from Michigan was one of the first players to be mocked to the Cowboys earlier in the year. After medical tests at the Combine showed concerns with his heart, the star DT has fallen down the draft boards, but he has since been cleared to play football. How far will he continue to fall? It’s tough to say, but Hurst has great initial burst and the strength and toughness to be disruptive in the trenches. Many fans weren’t sold on him being a good target at 19, but at 50 he could end up being the steal of the draft.

Do you agree with our rankings? How do do you rank your top five players for the Cowboys second-round pick?

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