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Cowboys selection of Michael Gallup gives them a complete receiver

The Cowboys finally got their wide receiver in the third round.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys waited until the third round before taking their wide receiver and it paid off when they were able to select Colorado State’s Michael Gallup. The depth of this receiving class meant that there were going to be some great choices later in the draft at 81, and Gallup is remarkable value. There are a lot of receivers that are great at certain things, but Gallup does everything well.

Gallup is an excellent route-runner who can run the entire route-tree. There is no vanilla in his ability to shake defenders. He can get you in so many ways. Pick a route, any route. That is one of the qualities that makes him unique.

His ability to find the soft-spots in the coverage enable him to get open for his quarterback. Gallup is a player that runs himself open and this will make him very Dak-friendly.

The Cowboys front office love players who offer huge upside and that is exactly what they get in Gallup. Logan Levy from Baltimore Beatdown says Gallup has the highest ceiling in this draft class.

Gallup is also deadly after catch. He is able to turn short passes into long gains. More importantly, Gallup has great awareness to pickup first-downs. His football IQ appears to be very high. His situational awareness cannot be overstated.

He has good size at 6’1” and 205 pounds and plays above the rim to go up and get 50/50 balls. This will come in handy in the red zone as the Cowboys look to replace the role formerly occupied by Dez Bryant. And he’s a back shoulder specialist.

The Cowboys are making an effort to find receivers that can gain separation and get open. Gallup has great ability to cut out of his breaks to create space and he knows where he is on the field.

Our own Michael Sisemore provided this analysis of Gallup:

Check out his highlights...

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