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How would you work out the Cowboys top three picks in hindsight?

Revisionist history is a funny thing, so lets get comical on the Cowboys draft.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When the first round of the NFL Draft concluded, there were mixed opinions from Cowboys fans with the team’s choice of linebacker Leighton Vander Esch. The Cowboys came back on Friday and scooped up Connor Williams and Michael Gallup. Linebacker, left guard (or potentially right tackle), and wide receiver were the team’s top three needs.

If the goal was to escape the first three rounds with legitimate answers at all three positions, it’s hard to argue that the Cowboys didn’t do a great job of it. They have a great candidate for the MLB spot in Vander Esch, a new high-caliber left guard, and a physical receiver that can get open to work with Dak Prescott for the foreseeable future.

It’s a troika that’s extremely hard to be disappointed by, especially considering what the Cowboys did through the draft on Saturday. The team addressed legitimate needs and areas where they’ve learned depth is key.

How do we feel about those first three picks knowing what we now know, though (say that five times fast)? What trio would you assemble?

Here’s the game. You have to have a linebacker, offensive lineman, and wide receiver with your first three picks. You can have one player from each tier. Who’s your squad?

(These positions are how the players are viewed generally by the NFL, not specifically the Dallas Cowboys)

Most responses enjoy a DJ Moore or Calvin Ridley, Connor Williams, and Josey Jewell set. There are also many who want Will Hernandez and Michael Gallup with their choice of Lorenzo Carter or Fred Warner. You can even throw in a Shaq Griffin as a wild card.

Considering that linebacker was one of the top needs for the Cowboys, it’s fair to say they wanted the trio that featured the best one possible. There are many who believe that was potentially Alabama’s Rashaan Evans, but Leighton certainly has a case.

What say you, BTB? How would you shake this out?

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