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Tyron Smith updates his health, and the news is good

The latest on Tyron Smith’s back injuries.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most worrisome things to come out of the Dallas Cowboys 2017 season was the health of Tyron Smith. The continuing back troubles were enough to make people wonder about the left tackle’s future, and how many seasons he may have left even though he is still a young man. Offensive linemen can play a long time in the NFL, but not if their back is a constant issue.

Fortunately, Smith says things are a-ok.

“I’m feeling great now,” Smith said. “Actually, I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in a while. I’ve taken this offseason to get back into it a little early and try to take care of my body a little more. I’m just doing the little small (rehab) things and I just feel awesome right now.”

That’s quite a difference for Smith, who called 2017 a “frustrating” season after playing just 13 games for the second straight year. However, Smith really missed the better part of two other games down the stretch, having to exit early against the Raiders and Seahawks.

We all know what happened when Smith was out versus the Falcons. Adrian Clayborn played Lawrence Taylor for a day as he used Chaz Green as a turnstile on his way to Dak Prescott. It can be argued the Cowboys offense was never the same after that day. Dallas seems a little more prepared this year for such an eventuality with the signing of Cam Fleming, but having Smith in there is the surest way to success.

Here’s a little of what Smith has been doing to get his back in laying shape.

“I went to California and went to a facility out there and starting training and rehabbing a little early,” he said. “We just worked on the little things like stretching and taking pressure off my back and opening up my hips a little bit. It’s just little things but I’m feeling great.”

“My back is really restricted me a lot,” said Smith, who was still named to the Pro Bowl in 2017, for the fifth straight year. “But it’s feeling really good right now. We did some MRIs and it never was to the point where I needed surgery. I wanted to stay away from surgery. So I’m happy where we are right now.”

Let us all pray for Smith’s back.

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