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Michael Gallup’s strength is Dak Prescott’s strength, making for a perfect combo

Michael Gallup could become Dak Prescott’s new favorite receiver.

Wyoming v Colorado State Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There’s a lot of speculation about the personnel that will help Dak Prescott excel in 2018.

With long-time weapons like Dez Bryant and Jason Witten gone, the Cowboys need to reload. Allen Hurns is a welcome addition, but the Cowboys can’t rely on him to carry the load alone.

Hurns may be the veteran on the block, but he’s not going to be Dak’s only weapon on the outside. Third-round draftee Michael Gallup of Colorado State has an opportunity to make an immediate impact on the Cowboys.

Part of what makes Gallup’s game so enticing for a quarterback like Prescott is his ability to get open (wow, who wouldn’t love that). Gallup is a precise route-runner, and this trait coupled with Sanjay Lal’s mind and molding technique have the potential to go a long way.

During the days of Dez Bryant much was made about the “50-50 balls” Tony Romo would launch his way. This isn’t a large cog in the Dak Prescott machine as he’s a quarterback who’s typically safer with the ball, electing instead for more open opportunities.

This is where Gallup can help him immediately. Gallup’s strength lies with hitch routes, and his ability to make things happen on them is going to be a great tool at Dak’s disposal.

Look at that disparity in average. Think about it. Let it sink in. Now let’s start the party.

The Dallas Cowboys are clearly very different in 2018. They’ll look different, have different faces, and honestly be a different team on the field. It seems like the Cowboys brain-trust is more in on accenting what they believe to be Dak’s best skills and Michael Gallup makes a fine exclamation point.

The Cowboys will hitch their starting quarterback to Michael Gallup to make the offense go.

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