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Cowboys quotes from the Reliant Home Run Derby charity event

The Cowboys players got together to hold a charity event and talk a little football.

Indianapolis 500 Champion Takuma Sato Visits Texas Motor Speedway Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Some of the Dallas Cowboys players got together yesterday for the Reliant Home Run Derby which raises money for the Salvation Army. In between swings at the plate trying to hit a few home runs, some of the players spoke to the press.

Byron Jones discussed his transition from safety to cornerback. Even though Kris RIchard is the new coach in the secondary, Jones isn’t planning to emulate Richard Sherman.

“You have to develop your own style of play,” Jones said Wednesday from the team’s seventh-annual Reliant Home Run Derby in Frisco. “He [Sherman] has as different frame than me. I’m just trying to find my own style out there.”

He is another player that can’t help but praise new coach Kris Richard.

“He’s great,” Jones said of Richard. “ His energy is contagious throughout the entire meeting room. He’s a smart guy. ...We love him so far. We like the passion he brings to the game.”

DeMarcus Lawrence discussed his franchise tag. He’s not worried about it and knows of he does his job, he’ll get paid.

“It really doesn’t matter,” Lawrence said Wednesday from the team’s annual Reliant Home Run Derby to benefit The Salvation Army. “If I do my thing, I put up my stats and I help my team win, they ain’t got no choice but to sign me. That’s how I feel.”

Lawrence knows that he and some of the other top vets need to take over the leadership roles after Jason Witten and Dez Bryant left.

“Those guys were key parts of our locker room and our family,” Lawrence said. “It hurts to see them gone. But it’s time for us, the younger generation, to step up and get this show on the road.”

Ezekiel Elliott still thought he had a good year in 2017, even though the suspension robbed him of some games.

“I think I have been that running back the team needs,” Elliott said. “I just want to continue to be that and be even better…I wouldn’t say last year was a bad year for me. I played 10 games and had almost 1,000 yards…I plan on having a good year.”

Some of the highlights:

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