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A Tony Romo episode of “A Football Life” may be in the works

Who doesn’t want more Niner?

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 Dallas Cowboys were profiled on Amazon’s “All or Nothing” and it was quite the spectacle to watch.

We learned much about the inner workings of the team. We saw them at practice. We saw them at their lowest. NFL Films did a fantastic job chronicling a team that took their season 99 yards but ultimately failing to punch it into the endzone for a playoff spot.

2017 was a different year for the Cowboys. Much like 2018 is setting up to be, it was absent a cornerstone member of the franchise. Even though he didn’t start a single game in 2016, last season was the first one that the team officially operated in without quarterback Tony Romo.

Of course, Romo had his own story going on throughout the season as the number one color analyst for CBS. He even made an appearance on “All or Nothing” during the Cowboys production meeting with his crew for the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Romo’s a natural on television, whether that’s in the booth or in a documentary. For what it’s worth, it seems like we could be getting more of the latter. Judging by this tweet from Ed Werder, it looks like a Tony Romo episode of “A Football Life” is on the way.

Werder mentions AFL episodes on Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Jerry Jones. Those have all aired, and they’re fantastic. We’ve never seen nor ever gotten wind of a Tony Romo one, though.

Romo’s story is absolutely one worth telling. He went from undrafted free agent to the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. That’s a sports fairytale if there ever was one.

Given his success in his post-football career, it makes sense for Romo to be profiled by the hit NFL Film series. Many have said it’s a shame that we never got an “All or Nothing” type product with him in the fold, this could help make up for that.

We’re still only in May, but typically NFL Films announces its slate for the upcoming season of “A Football Life” close to the opening kickoff. Is this a case of spilled beans, or are we going to get official word soon? We even have a sort-of date from Ed Werder.

Hurry up clock. Tick on down to the season, why don’t ya!

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