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Get a look at Michael Gallup and Mike White in their Dallas Cowboys uniforms

Welcome to the silver and blue.

NCAA Football: Air Force at Colorado State Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We’re about two months away from Dallas Cowboys training camp, and when we get there we’ll be about one month away from the preseason.

People frown upon exhibition games, but they serve a purpose. You can see how players are acclimating to the new season, but more importantly it’s our first chance to see some players play a game for the Cowboys for the first time.

A big majority of this group is typically rookies. We spend so much time envisioning how they’re going to fit in with the players we’ve known before them, but we also wonder what they’re going to look like. I’m talking about what they’re literally going to look like.

The jersey numbers that rookies wear are always discussed. Why? It’s fun. Some numbers make sense, and some don’t. It’s a way of life as a football fan.

Well the Cowboys rookies chose their numbers a while back, but we’ve officially gotten to see what two of them look like in the flesh. The Rookie Premiere took place over the weekend, and both Michael Gallup and Mike White were in attendance on behalf of the Cowboys rookie class.

If we’re being honest, this photo isn’t good enough. We need to see Gallup and White up close! We need to know how their uniforms look on them! How dare Josh Rosen stand in front of his superior like that?!

If you wanted better shots of the Cowboys rookies, you came to the right place. Take a look at this slo-mo of Gallup wearing the colors we all love.

Gallup appears to be wearing the silver pants that are associated with the Cowboys road navy jerseys. It’s possible that they had him swapping between them for different photos and that this particular combination made its way onto his Instagram (although people are definitely a fan of it).

A different Michael, Mike really, was seen wearing the home Cowboys jersey we’ve known forever. Say hello to the sea foam green pants, everyone!

Hopefully Mike White can redeem the number three for the Cowboys. It’s had to go through the likes of Brandon Weeden and Mark Sanchez over the last few years. It needs help.

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