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Could the Cowboys wear a white jersey and silver pants combination this season?

Maybe? Just maybe?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of tradition with a franchise as rich and as experienced as the Dallas Cowboys.

There are reasons things are done, a way of doing those things, and an expectation of results for those things and reasons.

One of the more longstanding traditions is one people take a bit of issue with, it’s part of the Cowboys uniform. Dallas wears their traditional white jerseys more often than any NFL team wears any other, and when they go white on top they go silver on bottom... kind of.

Back in the days before HD television, the Cowboys did wear silver pants, at least that’s what people saw. There’s an explanation.

Years ago, what you saw on television and in photos was far off from what the Cowboys were actually wearing. That’s part of the reason so many people now notice how green the Cowboys’ pants really are.

“Obviously, with the introduction of HD, the color is more true to what you see on TV to what you hold in your hands. In the old days, they would be wearing that pant color, but in photos – especially at Texas Stadium with the way you’d go from the shade to the sun – the pant never really looked that color on TV or in photos,” McCord explained. “As the highlights of the TV became more clear and the pictures became clearer, now it’s really a true representation of what you’re seeing on TV and in photos – that turquoise, greenish color with the royal and white striping on the side panel.”

On the road, the Cowboys wear a different color silver. It looks nothing like the greenish pants Dallas wears at home, which is something that annoys a number of fans. The silver simply matches the helmet and the navy jerseys far better than “Cowboys Star Blue” would, which is part of the reason Dallas has stuck with that color on the road.

We’ve gotten to see the Cowboys wear white pants over the years, too. They previously wore them with their throwback jerseys (they’ve since stopped wearing these because they require a different helmet) and color rush uniforms. Additionally the Cowboys came up (Dez Bryant specifically) with a new uniform combination last season that they debuted in New York, blue jerseys and white pants.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What if there was a different combination coming in 2018, though? It’s not like the NFL is as cavalier as the NBA when it comes to playing around with jerseys, but they’re getting there. The San Francisco 49ers announced a throwback jersey of sorts just this week (they’re kind of awesome).

Perhaps the Cowboys are willing to experiment with silver pants on their home jersey, as many fans have wanted. There isn’t any real indication that this is happening, but there are two clues.

Consider both the video that Michael Gallup shared from the rookie premiere and the photo of Terrell Owens on the latest Madden cover. They both appear to be going white jersey with silver pants.

This could simply be coincidence, or it could be preparing for a specific thing. For now we can only speculate and imagine what this would look like.


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