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Paul Alexander gave the commencement speech at SUNY Cortland and it was amazing

What can’t Paul Alexander do?

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Last week new Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach Paul Alexander found himself at the center of the world.

When word of his book “Perform” broke, people were interested. When word broke even further that he had an interesting way to evaluate people based on ketchup, people were downright fascinated.

Amazingly, while all of that was going on, Paul Alexander was just chilling, you know, giving commencement speeches.

Alexander is a SUNY Cortland (State University of New York) alum, Class of 1982, and when you’re someone who’s reached his levels of success your alma mater sometimes asks you to come back. SUNY Cortland did just that, in fact they brought Alexander back not only to give the commencement speech but to give him an honorary degree.

You can watch Alexander’s address below.

It’s quite difficult to watch what Paul Alexander has to say and not come away both a smarter person and as someone who has immense respect for him. He’s lived and learned a lot in his life, and that shows to a great degree.

Among the many things he covered, Paul Alexander spoke of his former pupil Willie Anderson during his speech. You’ll remember that Willie is a teacher of his own these days (he has an offensive line academy) and that he was working with the Cowboys last week.

This was actually the second time that Coach Alexander has visited SUNY Cortland this offseason. Back at the tail end of March he returned to play the piano. No big deal, he is a pianist after all.

What’s next?

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