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Welcome a new front-page writer to BTB!

It’s the offseason and BTB is building its roster.

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Ed note: Greetings BTB community. Wanted to let you know that BTB is beefing up its roster as we head into the 2018 season by bringing on another talented writer. Connor Livesay is joining the team, so give him a big BTB community welcome! Come on board, Connor!

I was born on December 2nd, 1995 smack dab in the middle of Redskins country in Richmond, Virginia. As I’m sure you know, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl just a month later defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 in Super Bowl XXX. Fortunately, that was the Cowboys' third Super Bowl in four years, unfortunately, I don’t remember any of it. As much as that pains me, I still love this team more than anything, and can’t wait for the day that they make it back.

I was born into a Dallas Cowboys family with both my Granddad and Father being huge Cowboys fans and teaching me the right way to represent the star. Whether it’s going to as many games a year as possible, spending all my free time watching tape, or naming my six month old black lab Dallas - I live, breathe, and eat Dallas Cowboys football.

Being a part of Cowboys Nation as a fan for 22 years eventually led me to the sports writing world in 2014, where I began writing about the Cowboys. I picked a great year to start, as 2014 was one of the best seasons the Cowboys have had since their Super Bowl XXX victory. I’ll never forget the feeling of thinking “this is the year” and being able to put my feelings into words and actually have people read it. As we all know, that season ended in heartbreaking fashion in Green Bay, where we found out this year that Dez actually did catch it. To this day, I am still furious, I hope you are too.

In 2015, along with covering the Dallas Cowboys, I picked up the NFL Draft as a passion and began covering that as well. The 2015 seasons was a down one for the Dallas Cowboys, but thankfully there were a ton of interesting prospects to evaluate to help the season pass by a little bit faster.

As the 2016 season kicked off there was a ton of hope surrounding the Cowboys with Tony Romo coming back from an injury, and the new addition at running back in Ezekiel Elliott. Little did we know that Tony Romo would never start another regular season game for the Dallas Cowboys, the team would have an even better season in 2016 than they had in 2014, and a new era in Dallas would begin. The 2016 season was by far my favorite. After getting over the depression of losing Tony Romo, I finally accepted Dak Prescott as the new franchise quarterback.

I started off the season by heading to DFW to see the Cowboys play the New York Giants in week one. Of course, that game didn’t go as planned and they lost a nail-biter after Terrance Williams failed to get out of bounds. The next week, I headed two hours north to see the Cowboys take on the Redskins at Fed Ex Field. Thankfully for my mental and physical well-being, the Cowboys were able to pull that game out. Fast forward four months, and I found myself back at AT&T Stadium in section 420 to watch the NFC East Champions take on the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional round of the playoffs. I’m sure we can agree there is no reason to go any further.

After a roller coaster of a 2017 season filled with suspensions and injuries, I’m extremely excited to join the Blogging The Boys staff to break down the 2018 season in full. Things will look a lot different for the Cowboys this year with Jason Witten retired, Dez Bryant released, and a ton of new faces on the roster. But, sometimes change is good, and maybe, just maybe, the change in big D will get this team back to the Super Bowl. I’m extremely excited to see what the 2018 Dallas Cowboys team can do, and I can’t wait for you all to read, interact, and give me feedback on what you think of all my analysis on the players, coaches, and schemes the team brings.

New Squad. New Season. Same Goal.

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