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Lance Lenoir seems like he could make some noise in the receiver room

Is this the 53-man roster spot story of the offseason?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Things are different these days when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys wide receivers.

We’re learning more about how the coaching staff is going to handle things, our own Tom Ryle explained how a committee approach seems inevitable recently here at BTB.

Who exactly will ultimately occupy the receiver room has been an interesting question all offseason, but the recent news (to put it lightly) concerning Terrance Williams at the very least opens the door for more change.

There are three essential locks at this point: Allen Hurns, Cole Beasley, and Michael Gallup. Two or three spots will ultimately be derived from the group of Terrance, Deonte Thompson, Noah Brown, Cedrick Wilson, and Lance Lenoir (no disrespect to KD Cannon).

As noted, Terrance is still in play. Deonte Thompson as brought in during free agency. Noah Brown is a former pet cat of many, and Cedrick Wilson has seemingly taken the baton from him in many of those eyes. What about Lance Lenoir, though?

Lenoir spent basically all of last season on the practice squad, being activated only for the season finale in Philadelphia. He’s spent the time since working on his craft, and many have noticed all over the spectrum of those involved with the Cowboys.

It will take more than the support of his teammates and members of the mothership to help Lenoir make the 53-man roster, but maybe all it took was an ill-timed arrest and public mishandling of said arrest by Terrance Williams.

Lenoir is conceivably in for a fight with the likes of Noah Brown, Cedrick Wilson, and Deonte Thompson. If there are at least two, and maybe three, roster spots up for grabs, his odds increase significantly.

Lance is going to have to impress every day from here through the preseason, and he’s seemingly off to a great start (apologies to Kam Kelly).

Lenoir is pet cat eligible, in my opinion. Sign up if you’re brave enough.

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