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Former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant posts on Instagram that he wants to join the 49ers

Desperation is starting to set in for the Cowboys former receiving star.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It’s been just over a month now since the Cowboys released Dez Bryant and the former star receiver still has not been able to land a job. After three-straight 1,200+ yards seasons where he caught 12+ touchdowns, the veteran wideout is coming off of three straight seasons under 900 yards, averaging less than six touchdowns. In 2018, Bryant will have his 30th birthday and there are some who believe that the aging veteran is just a shell of what he once was.

Earlier this month, Cowboys assistant director of player personnel, Will McClay, spoke out about the decision to release Bryant:

“It was a collective deal,” McClay said. “The (inability) to win one-on-one, to win down field. There was inconsistency as well as some huge things in his play. So what’s best moving forward for Dez Bryant the Cowboys, we just made that decision. It’s a production-based business.”

So, here we sit at the end of May and no team has signed Bryant yet. Are there any teams interested in him? The Baltimore Ravens made him a multi-year offer, but Bryant opted to turn in down as he tries to bolster his stock with a strong 2018 season.

Former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said he thinks Bryant would end up going to the Green Bay Packers, but Aaron Rodgers squashed this idea real quick.

“Well, we like young receivers, so I’m assuming that’s the way they’re going to keep going,” Rodgers said. “I don’t know why you’d cut Jordy and bring in Dez, but he’s a talented player. He’s going to end up somewhere. If he ends up here, we’ll obviously welcome him with open arms and get him up to speed as quick as possible.”

So, where will he end up? That’s a tough one to figure out, but a good place to start might be where he wants to go. A fan flat out asked him on Instagram and according to our sister site, Niners Nation, he obliged:

Dez has never been a stranger when it comes to expressing himself on social media as he’s had some heated exchanges with fans over the years. But Bryant must have thought better of his decision to make that comment as it was quickly deleted, however, not before someone screen captured it.

If Bryant’s objective is to go somewhere for a year to increase his value, San Francisco is not a bad choice. They have a new, inventive, offensive-minded head coach in Kyle Shanahan running the show. And he’d have the highest-paid NFL player in the league, Jimmy Garoppolo, throwing him the ball. If the 49ers are on the rise like some are predicting, Bryant could jump in and help them win some games this season. That could possibly help him negotiate a larger long-term deal for 2019.

Not a bad choice.

It always pains me to see a beloved Cowboys player go to a team that I loathe. After some excruciating battles in the NFC Championship, the 49ers are certainly on that list for me.

Where do you hope Bryant goes?

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