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Cowboys are apparently working Cole Beasley on the outside during OTAs

We think of Beasley as a slot guy, but could more be in store for him in 2018?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-OTA Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Beasley shaved his head again. We didn’t make a big deal out of this, but we needed to say it out loud at least.

There’s other things we need to discuss regarding Cole, though. Beasley has done a lot this season, including dropping an album and shaving his head, but he might be doing more come regular season time.

Beasley’s role on the team is often relegated to simply being their slot receiver, but he’s obviously more than that. We’ve seen him get special teams work before and do other things, but reality is last season he spent 91% of his offensive snaps in the slot.

The mothership’s Bryan Broaddus noted that Cole is being used some on the outside during OTAs on Wednesday.

We’re starting to see Cole Beasley playing more on the outside, instead of the slot. What Beasley has been able to demonstrate is that, even on the outside, he still has that quickness to separate.

Even though they traded away what many thought was the heir to the slot in Ryan Switzer, the Cowboys have options at that position. In previous seasons where Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Beasley formed the team’s trio of primary wide receivers, their roles were defined and not malleable. That’s no longer the case.

Allen Hurns presents the most viable slot option besides Beasley that the Cowboys have had in some time, and Tavon Austin is hardly a bad alternative there either. Michael Gallup figures to be more of an outside threat, and maybe the Cowboys are now trying to get more creative with Cole there as well due to the presence of other options inside.

Predictability is a bad thing when it comes to NFL offenses and ironically it’s a word that former Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant used to describe Scott Linehan’s offense. Cole Beasley has been used outside before in a few situations, but perhaps a stronger emphasis on it is an indication that things will indeed be less predictable moving forward.

We can only hope.

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