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Tony Romo said thank you to Jason Witten and it was incredible

Is it allergy season?

New Orleans Saints v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Last offseason after Tony Romo officially retired, the public thank yous rolled deep.

Past teammates, friends, coaches, you name it all made a run at acknowledging how much Tony Romo meant to them. This, of course, included his best pal Jason Witten.

Just one year later, Jason Witten himself retired. Of course, public acknowledgments were once again shared, including what amounted to basically a parade within The Star in Frisco.

It took Witten a few days to pen his thoughts on Romo, and it seems like the latter needed the same for the former. Tony Romo has finally publicly thanked Jason Witten, and man it is dusty in here.

Much like Jason Garrett did during Witten’s retirement press conference last week, Romo mentions Witten’s famed Y Option. He tells the story of the wildcard playoff game against the Lions three years ago, and it’s just as glorious as the first time it ever happened.

Jason Witten and Tony Romo shared a bond unlike any two Cowboys before them. They gave their all, day after day, inch after inch, and like a great Shakespearean tragedy came short of the game’s ultimate prize.

Maybe the lesson is that all they needed was each other. If they’ve got that, as we all know, they’ve got a chance.

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