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Bo Scarbrough ready to help Dallas win Super Bowl, wants to be best duo ever with Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys seventh-round pick, Bo Scarbrough, has some big words for the faithful.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost pet cat season which means you’ve likely spent a lot of time studying the end of the Dallas Cowboys draft class (if you haven’t, start, this is officially homework).

A popular potential pet cat is likely going to be the final pick of the Cowboys draft, running back Bo Scarbrough taken out of Alabama in the seventh round.

There are many Cowboys fans who remember the way Marion Barber used to put games away, on ice so to speak, in the fourth quarter. They were seriously fun times, and the hope is real that Bo could be MBIII reincarnated.

It seems Bo himself is excited for his recent arranged marriage to the Cowboys. He was caught on video by TMZ sports discussing what he hopes to accomplish in Dallas.

Scarbrough also said he hopes that Ezekiel Elliott takes him under his wing and that it’s his hope they become the best duo in NFL history. That’s something we can get down with, right?

The other half of Marion Barber’s duo was Julius Jones (or Felix, it’s really your choice), who also wore #21. Hopefully we can top that with Zeke and Bo. Those names sound cool.

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