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Stephen Jones says Cowboys could still add veteran free safety

The Cowboys safety position is generally considered a weak spot on the roster.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

During the draft a few weeks back the Cowboys addressed almost all of the holes on their roster. Good for them.

One position was left untouched either through a pick or a trade during the selection process, the Cowboys never found the right time/pick to find themselves a new safety. It happens.

Dallas has a combination of Byron Jones, Jeff Heath, Kavon Frazier, and Xavier Woods to work with at the safety spot this season. These are all returning players as Dallas has, again, not found the right way to bring in help for the group.

Various names have been thrown out as potential would-be answers at safety for the Cowboys. Earl Thomas, Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Reid, Tre Boston, and [insert your own personal preference] are options many people have coveted at one point or another. For what it’s worth, the Cowboys aren’t totally closing the door on the potential of a veteran option.

It’s notable that all of these names (save for the one you inserted because, well, I can’t read your mind) are still available. Obviously Earl Thomas isn’t “available” but he’s “available” (or at least he was) for the right price. The point is, Dallas can work a solution if they really want to.

Perhaps part of the reason we haven’t seen the Cowboys pull the Thomas trigger is because of the fact that the safety market is indeed so dry. If you were the Seahawks and you were trying to move Thomas, it hurts your leverage that whoever you’re speaking to could simply decline and sign another viable option.

Dallas has plenty of opportunity to see what they’ve got in their own building before the season begins (a sad reminder of how far away we are from real football). It’s good logic for them to use every opportunity to see what Kris Richard sees, and if it doesn’t work out, there are still plenty of options.

For now, like we have all along, we wait.

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