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Kellen Moore is really grateful for the opportunity to be the Cowboys quarterbacks coach

Hear from Kellen Moore, the new man in charge of the quarterbacks.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are probably the first team in NFL history to have two former quarterbacks who both wore the same number for the franchise on the coaching staff at the same time.

I’m not totally sure if that’s true, but if it’s not then there can’t be that many other instances. Jason Garrett did indeed rock #17 once upon a time in Dallas, and many moons later Kellen Moore did. This offseason the former hired the latter to serve as the coach of the position that they both played.

It’s an interesting move, to say the least, to make Kellen Moore the quarterbacks coach so soon in his life. He has no coaching experience, although he’s said to have contributed immensely to the team essentially as a player-coach of sorts over the last few seasons.

The Mountain West Network caught up with Coach Moore to see what life has been like during this transition. You can watch the interview below.

Never the talkative player, Kellen hasn’t gained an affinity for interviews after swapping his helmet out for a hat. He does however go into how grateful he is for the opportunity he’s been given as well as provide some optimism regarding the team he’s now helping coach.

It’s not breaking news or anything, but Kellen Moore being a coach still feels weird. Some things simply take time.

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