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Allen Hurns and Connor Williams share which Cowboys teammate would win on Survivor

New Cowboys free agent acquisition Allen Hurns and rookie draft pick Connor Williams answer a few questions.

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Kids Foot Locker has a national program with Boys & Girls Club of America called the Kids Foot Locker Fitness Challenge. The program was kicked off in April and on Monday, new Cowboys Allen Hurns and rookie Connor Williams helped wrap up the six-week program in Dallas. The program encourages healthy living and daily physical activity for Club kids.

I was able to talk with Allen and Connor and here’s a look at our conversations!

Danny Phantom: First off guys, I wanted to say welcome to the Cowboys. Both you guys bring with you a lot of excitement. The front office hasn’t splashed around very much in free agency so we were really pumped when Allen signed with the team. And we couldn’t believe that Connor fell to 50 so that was such a great gift for the Cowboys, so I just want to say – us fans are really excited about the both of you.

Allen Hurns: I appreciate that. I’m excited to be here.

Connor Williams: Yeah, thank you. That means a lot.

DP: So, let’s talk about fitness. Allen, we know how much of an emphasis you are putting on sustaining good health and Connor we’ve seen the training videos where you’re showcasing your incredible hops. That was impressive. So, fitness is a big deal. So, tell us a little bit about the Kid’s Foot Locker Fitness Challenge and some of the activities that will take place.

AH: I feel like it’s a big deal, especially for me growing up. I was very involved. Fitness doesn’t necessarily be a “are you into sports” sort of thing. It also helps in everyday life. Just with a healthy life style, with eating good, things like that. It’s a great cause, for everyone, not just athletes. I’m just telling these guys, whatever their dreams may be. It may be sports, it may not be. You just got to chase your dreams.

CW: For me, it’s definitely about being active. When I was little, I was a little bit overweight and I was fortunate enough to be in a situation where I was able to be more active. Being able to tell that to these kids and being active and living a healthy lifestyle, whether you are pursuing sports or not, it’s definitely productive and it makes your life better. Just really teaching these kids that hard work, no matter what, can help benefit you through your life.

DP: Yeah, that’s such a great story, Connor. That’s really important. Getting your body right is important, but so is getting your mind right. You both have new position coaches this year, not just new to you, but new to the entire team. What is one thing you’ve seen from Sanjay Lal and Paul Alexander that you’ve been impressed with?

AH: Sanjay is a big technique guy. He’s all about the details so each and every day he points out the little things as far as route running. With route running, there’s a lot that goes into it. When you get tired, you can get away from the fundamentals and things like that. A lot of coaches don’t really teach the details as far as route running. Having him will help this group a lot. I think he’ll be a great transition for us.

CW: Coach Alexander is a big technician so definitely playing a new position that I didn’t know too much about, it’s good to be able to pick coach Alexander’s brain and the rest of the line’s brain to help me learn a new position and better my craft.

DP: Yeah, it seems like attention to detail has been the new theme with the new coaches.

There is a lot of focus on that. There are many questions for the Cowboys going into the new season and some of them include guys sitting across from you at the line of scrimmage. Can you tell me one corner and one defensive linemen that you’ve watched in camp so far that you believe will really surprise some people?

CW: As far as defensive linemen go, I think everyone I go against is just a big competitor because of the transition from college to pro. Each one is great at their craft. One person that definitely stands out to me is Tyrone Crawford, how much of a vocal leader he is. He definitely asserts a presence when he’s on the field.

AH: As far as D-Backs, I would say probably the safeties – Xavier Woods and Jeff Heath. Both of those guys are very versatile. They can play back deep or come down in the box and stick guys. I feel like that’s a great thing for your defense if you can have guys like that who can move around and not one guy who’s always back deep, so you can have different disguises. For me coming into Dallas, I didn’t watch many of their games, of course you hear all the big names, but I think those guys, watching them each and every day, it was very competitive.

DP: Yeah, we’re real excited about this young group. The Cowboys have gotten some negative attention when it comes to suspensions in recent years. This year, I believe is the fifth straight season where someone will start the season suspended for Dallas. But despite that, it seems like Jason Garrett has built a very good culture in Dallas. What is it that you’ve seen that makes you feel good about the environment in Dallas?

AH: I mean, I’ve seen everything. Since I’ve been here, I haven’t seen a negative thing at all. Most of that is talk that goes on in the media. Us, you know, we try to keep it positive and focus on our main agendas. We don’t let that get to us. We just focus on what we can.

DP: Both you guys are admired for having great flexibility and can move around and do several different things, but what element of your game do you believe you do best?

AH: I would probably say route running. That’s why I was very excited to work with Sanjay because he was going to help take it to another level. I feel like that’s my greatest attribute. I’ve been able to run different routes and line up in all three positions. I feel like that will help me a lot, especially playing in this offense where I could play X, Y, or Z, I’ll be able to create separation, especially working with Sanjay.

CW: Right now, at this point in time for me, it’s about feeling comfortable with the plays, feeling comfortable with my assignments so I can play at the best of my ability with 100% full speed without hesitation. So it’s about getting comfortable with the offense right now.

DP: Okay, last question. You guys are on the TV show, Survivor. I want you to tell me, which teammate is the biggest troublemaker who you think would likely get voted off first and who do you think is clever enough to win the whole thing.

AH: Ah, clever enough? I would probably go with Jeff Heath. Guy who’s going to get knocked out first? I would probably say me.

DP: Ah, come on…you’re taking the easy route there.

CW: I’m going to take that tactic also and I’m going to say me also, but definitely Travis Frederick to win it though.

DP: Alright guys, thanks a lot for your time. I appreciate it. Good luck with the Foot Locker Fitness Challenge and I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.

CW: Thank you for having us.

AH: Appreciate it.

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