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Report: Dez Bryant isn’t expected to land with a new team until training camp

It will be strange to see Dez Bryant in a new uniform, whenever that is.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been about six weeks since the Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant. Six weeks.

This is a receiver that was once regarded as one of the best in the NFL. That type of rating is probably a bit much these days, but the point stands that Dez is, at the very least, a legitimate receiving threat.

This is why it’s so strange that the Cowboys all-time leader in receiving touchdowns is still on the market. In the initial moments after he was released he said he’d see the Cowboys twice a year and seemed hellbent on revenge. That passion just hasn’t been matched by another team.

For those curious as to why Dez hasn’t found a home, there’s an apparent explanation. Ian Rapoport reported on Friday that Bryant is waiting things out in hopes of the right team and contract (he’s looking for a one-year deal). Barring an injury (as unfortunate as that sounds, that’s life in the NFL), he’s not expected to find a new home until training camp.

Ian paints this picture that Dez is being a bit picky, in fact he uses the word selective. Not to be difficult or anything, but Dez literally publicly declared the team that he wanted to play for just this past week - San Francisco. From our own Danny Phantom:

Dez has never been a stranger when it comes to expressing himself on social media as he’s had some heated exchanges with fans over the years. But Bryant must have thought better of his decision to make that comment as it was quickly deleted, however, not before someone screen captured it.

If Bryant’s objective is to go somewhere for a year to increase his value, San Francisco is not a bad choice. They have a new, inventive, offensive-minded head coach in Kyle Shanahan running the show. And he’d have the highest-paid NFL player in the league, Jimmy Garoppolo, throwing him the ball. If the 49ers are on the rise like some are predicting, Bryant could jump in and help them win some games this season. That could possibly help him negotiate a larger long-term deal for 2019.

Whether or not it makes sense for Dez Bryant to ultimately end up by the Bay, things aren’t quite adding up here. On Saturday, May 26th he’s declaring San Francisco and on Friday, June 1st he’s being selective.

Okay, sure.

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