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Dak Prescott is confident in the Cowboys’ wide receivers, ready to prove doubters wrong

If Dak likes them, we like them.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott made the media rounds on Wednesday morning appearing on a variety of shows.

One of the appearances was on the Dan Patrick Show. Prescott talked about a few different things as it’s been quite an interesting offseason for the Dallas Cowboys.

When asked about why there should be confidence in his new group of receivers, Prescott had their back. We’re talking about a unit here that has a new coach in Sanjay Lal, new veterans in Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson, new rookies in Michael Gallup and Cedrick Wilson, and a new weapon-to-be-defined-later in Tavon Austin.

Only Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams and Noah Brown return from last year’s 53-man roster. The biggest story at the position all offseason was the release of Dez Bryant. Dak had a bit to say on it all.

It’s great to see that Dak has his receivers’ backs. They’re all working hard, and they’re definitely loving Sanjay Lal.

Dak also notes that he’s kept in contact with Dez Bryant. We’ll see where Dez ends up, but he wasn’t the only name to leave the Cowboys this offseason. Jason Witten retired to head to the Monday Night Football booth on ESPN.

Prescott noted that Witten’s retirement was more surprising to him considering that there had been talk about something happening with Dez. We knew that there was a looming decision to be made with him whereas the Witten news seemingly materialized out of thin air.

Dak’s also ready to prove some people wrong

Dak also appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up” on Wednesday morning. He said he’s ready to prove those that don’t believe in him, his receivers, and the Cowboys in general, wrong.

There’s no specific mention of Dez or Witten, but the subject is hinted on and danced around. Dak notes that he’s ready to do what he has to do in order for the Cowboys to succeed.

Mike Greenberg brings up an interesting topic when talking to Prescott, how the quarterback originally turned down sponsorship deals during his rookie season. Dak has since gone on to receive a number of deals including one he just re-upped with Campbell’s Chunky Soup on Wednesday.

In response Dak noted that during his rookie seaosn he didn’t want anything to absorb any attention from what was going to take place on the football field. There will undoubtedly be those that wonder why Dak was seemingly alright with having things “absorb” this “attention” after his rookie season, but it’s fair to say that things change after you’re no longer a rookie.

Whatever the case it seems as if Dak is ready to get to work this season. Let’s hope for all of our sake that he and the Cowboys do indeed prove the doubters wrong in 2018.

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