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Dalton Schultz has an old YouTube channel all about gaming and it’s amazing

Get to know Dalton Schultz the gamer.

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It’s kind of amazing how little we’ve heard about Cowboys rookie Dalton Schultz.

This is amazing because Schultz plays tight end and long-time tight end Jason Witten retired this offseason. There are definitely people with high hopes for Dalton, but typically a situation like this would create more splash than we’ve seen in the last two months.

Speaking of splashes, Schultz and fellow rookie Connor Williams were catching some waves on Saturday afternoon. The latter posted a photo of the two and Twitter subsequently questioned Connor’s body not being big enough (a subject for another day).

There was a lot of talk going on through the following tweets, and somebody threw into the Twittersphere that Dalton used to make Minecraft videos. Yes, Minecraft the popular video game.

After a bit of digging, we uncovered Dalton’s YouTube Channel. The last entry on the channel is dated May 28th, 2014 and Dalton graduated on June 5th of that year so it doesn’t look like he kept up with it much through his time at Stanford. He’s advertised the videos he’s made on his own Twitter before, too.

It’s clear that Dalton has some editing capabilities and an affinity for gaming. He’s made videos playing Minecraft as well as other popular games, and he narrates throughout. It’s a rabbit hole worth going down if you’ve got the time.

Dalton does more than just narrate what’s happening during the games in the videos, though. There are a few videos where he talks about non-gaming things, and in this one he actually discusses how he got recruited while gaming. Two birds one stone, you know.

In this video Dalton talks about his experience in a 7-on-7 tournament and notes that he isn’t sure how to pronounce Keyshawn Johnson’s name. That’s the same Keyshawn Johnson that wore the same star that Dalton now does.

There’s another video from earlier that year where Dalton (a few months away from his freshman season) gives the viewers a peek at his gaming command center. He even shows off his pride and joy... his banjo!

This tour shows off a Denver Broncos santa hat and a Champ Bailey poster. Dalton notes that the Broncos are his team, but considering the fact that he was a high school kid in Utah at the time and that he’s a professional tight end for the Dallas Cowboys now, seems like that’s probably changed.

Honestly though, this is all flat-out awesome. It’s always great to see the athletes we enjoy show personality and here’s an instance where Dalton was openly sharing his personality through a vehicle that he was passionate about in gaming.

With the ever-growing number of platforms for humans to interact socially there are athletes constantly looking at how to leverage that themselves. We’ve seen various professional athletes do things like stream their online gaming, hop on Instagram live, and participate in all sorts of podcasts.

He’ll have a lot on his plate as a rookie for the Dallas Cowboys, but hopefully Dalton can find a way to continue to share his personality this season and in the future. There are undoubtedly plenty of Cowboys fans (and Dalton fans) who would love to see some content he could create.

He’s halfway to achieving that dream.

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