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Jaylon Smith had a dream that Dez Bryant returned to the Cowboys... seriously

What is Jaylon’s subconscious trying to tell us?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys have big dreams for Jaylon Smith. This much is obvious.

Dallas didn’t spend the 34th pick on the linebacker two years ago because they didn’t believe in him. What Jaylon could be, what he might be becoming, is a dream once conceived in the minds of Jason Garrett and the Cowboys braintrust.

What about Jaylon’s dreams, though? He’s likely got some, right? It’s fair to assume that Jaylon dreams of once again being the godbacker that he was dubbed in college along with other things, right?

Jaylon definitely has dreams. And apparently he’s not alone in them. On Sunday afternoon Jaylon tweeted that he had a dream that Dez Bryant returned to the Cowboys. I didn’t make any of that sentence up.

While this is something worth bringing up to discuss among friends, it hardly means anything substantial. People (including Deion Sanders) have actually floated this idea as something the Cowboys should really do, Jaylon Smith just happened to have a dream about it.

One time I had a dream that I dressed up as an order of fries from McDonald’s for a costume party. Dreams can be (and obviously were for me) a weird thing. They’re literally the result of turning our bodies off and letting them have the controls for a while.

Despite only two years and one season together, Dez and Jaylon are close. Dez was one of the first Cowboys to publicly declare belief in Jaylon back during the preseason last year. The two were hanging out together as recently as the NBA playoffs.

Jaylon dreaming about Dez returning to the Cowboys doesn’t have to mean anything. Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Take that from a dude who once dreamt he was some fries, man.

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