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Five awesome records held by the Cowboys franchise and players

Digging into the record books for some Cowboys history.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While we are in the slow season for the NFL, let’s take a look at the league history book and check out some classic Cowboys records. We’ll look at five records, a few bonus ones, and we’ll leave out very important record for a different article.

All-time regular-season winning percentage

Did you know that the Cowboys have won a bigger percentage of their regular-season games than any other franchise in the NFL? The Cowboys have won 57.3% of their regular-season games, that’s from a total of 882 games. They are 502-374-6 all time. The second place team is the Green Bay Packers with a 56.5% winning percentage (out of 1,336 games) and the Chicago Bears are third with a 56.2% winning percentage (out of 1,370 games). The Cowboys are also the leaders in win percentage when you add in post-season games at 57.2%

Longest consecutive streak of winning seasons

From 1966 through 1985, there was one thing you could always count on from the Dallas Cowboys - a winning season. That’s 20 seasons. The Cowboys were 10-3-1 in 1966, and in 1985 they had a 10-6 record. The next year, 1986, they went 7-9 and that started the decline into the abyss of the late 80s. The team with a realistic shot to break that record? The New England Patriots who are on a run of 17 consecutive winning seasons.

Longest run from the line of scrimmage

Yes, this is one of the most famous plays in NFL history. During the last game of the 1982 regular season, Tony Dorsett ran 99 yards for a touchdown. Really, it should be 99.5 yards since the ball looks like it was inside the one-yard line. The fun fact about this play? The Cowboys only had 10 men on the field.

Dorsett’s teammate, fullback Ron Springs, misunderstood the play call and ran off the field prior to the snap. Dorsett took the handoff from the Cowboys’ own 1-yard line and ran straight up the middle. As he cut to the right, he avoided a tackle at his own 15 and went untouched for another 60 yards.

Super Bowl MVPs

The Cowboys hold a few different MVP records from Super Bowls.

  • Back in 1971, the Cowboys lost the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Colts, 16-13. But they did win one thing from that game, linebacker Chuck Howley was voted the game MVP. That was the only time a player from the losing team has been given that honor.
  • The Cowboys also have the honor of being the only team with co-MVPs in the game. After Dallas crushed Denver 27-10 in Super Bowl XII, Harvey Martin and Randy White were named co-MVPs for their dominant defensive performance.
  • The Cowboys franchise holds one other MVP record. They have the most MVPs as a team from the Super Bowl. Thanks to having co-MVPs, and an MVP from a Super Bowl they lost, they have seven MVP awards.

Dak Prescott’s rookie season

Sometimes we forget just how phenomenal Dak Prescott’s performance was in 2016, his rookie season. But it was one for the ages. He set some pretty important records in that campaign. He set a rookie passer rating record with a mark of 104.9. He set the rookie completion percentage rating at 67.8%. He threw the most pass by a rookie before he threw an interception with 176, and that was also the best mark for any QB at the start of his career, whether a rookie or finally getting a chance to play as a veteran. His 23 TDs and 4 INTs also set the record for rookies in differential (+19) and ratio (5.75 TDs per 1 INT). Dak’s 2016 season was epic.

Okay, so you’re thinking those are interesting marks, but aren’t you forgetting one very important record held by a Cowboys player? No, we aren’t forgetting it, we are saving it for its own article later, and we’ll posit the idea that the record may never be broken. And no, we’re not talking about Emmitt Smith’s record of most rushing touchdowns (164) or his record for most combined attempts for a career, 4,939 (that’s 4,409 rushes, 515 receptions and 15 fumble returns). Talk about a workhorse. Keep an eye out for an article about his biggest achievement later.

UPDATE: Link to the article about Emmitt Smith’s record. Trust me, it’s worth the read.

Before we go, let’s honor Jason Witten. He holds the record for most pass receptions in a season by tight ends (110 in 2012), most pass receptions in one half of a game (13 Oct. 28, 2012) and in that same game he set a record for most receptions in a game by a tight end (18) and most receptions in a game without a TD (18). Best of luck in the broadcast booth to the GOAT.

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