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Who are your pet cats that didn’t work out?

Some wounds never heal.

Animal Sanctuary Needs £200,000 To Avoid Closure Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In just about a month the fields in Oxnard, California will have Dallas Cowboys players practicing in anticipation of the 2018 season.

It’s the time of year where rosters are forged under the sun. There are guarantees to be Cowboys come season’s beginning, and of course there are heavy favorites, but as everyone knows there are always pet cats.

A pet cat is essentially your guy. I’m talking about the guy who’s highlights you’ve seen ad nauseam, the guy who you’ve stayed up until 3 A.M. arguing in the name of. We all have that guy.

Choosing a pet cat is a fun process. You look at the players drafted in the later rounds and essentially choose your soulmate. Sometimes you hit, and sometimes, well sometimes cats just don’t work out.

The Cowboys subreddit recently posed an interesting question... who are your ultimate pet cat misses? Matt Johnson didn’t work out (deep sigh), Danny Coale was supposed to be the future (why am I doing this to myself), and the Gus Bus was a ride most of us were happy to be on.

Plenty of BTBers have championed different pet cat causes over the years. As we get ready for a new litter of kitts, let’s discuss our old scars. Who are your biggest misses, and who do you miss the most? Let’s hug it out.

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