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It’s “pretty confirmed” that Chidobe Awuzie will play cornerback

He could play safety, but that doesn’t look like the direction Chidobe Awuzie is headed.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

There are two words that will make just about any Cowboys fan squirm these days: position flex.

It seems like the Cowboys have had a bit of difficulty when they’ve gotten their hands on players that can perform multiple functions. Position flexibility certainly sounds good on the surface, but we’ve seen it be a bit detrimental when it comes to the growth of players on America’s Team.

Whether it’s Tyrone Crawford, Byron Jones, or even Chaz Green last season... it’s taken the Cowboys a bit of time to make up their minds on some folks. One player who carries the flex gene they covet so much, and hopefully don’t enforce, is second-year cornerback Chidobe Awuzie.

Chido has already made a big change this offseason, he switched jersey numbers from #33 to #24. While this move is a good one, changing his position wouldn’t necessarily be. Awuzie has the tools to play safety, but he’s a great cornerback in the making.

So far through OTAs we’ve seen him working at outside corner with Byron Jones opposite of him. The idea of moving him back to safety is certainly one that exists in the world of all available options, but thankfully even he feels confident cornerback is his spot.

“Corner, safety, nickel, dime, whatever it is, I’ll be ready,” Awuzie said. “I definitely know what the safeties do, but right now it’s pretty confirmed that I’ll play corner.”

While you might be thinking this is something we’ve known for a while (it is), position flexibility is always a lure for the Cowboys. They still haven’t addressed the safety position in a way most would like, it would likely be tempting for them to consider pushing Awuzie back there.

It’s great to know that Awuzie is confident wherever the situation calls for him to play, but it goes without saying that we all hope that is one defined spot. Allowing him to develop into a dominating cornerback is a move that could make the secondary a frightening one for opposing quarterbacks.

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