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Mike White is a domino that could alter different 53-man roster combinations

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The Cowboys rookie quarterback could help save a pet cat.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The end of Adam Sandler’s great run of movies came with Mr. Deeds, in my humble opinion.

I’ve argued this with friends, family, and the like, it’s one of the last movies in that solid run he had that really made me laugh. Everything after is just meh to me.

Longfellow Deeds is who Sandler plays, and at one point in the movie he springs into action to follow a firetruck that’s headed for an emergency (he’s a class act). It turns out there is indeed a fire at a woman’s apartment, but she won’t accept help until all of her pet cats are rescued.

Deeds climbs up the wall akin to Spider-Man (a different set of movies altogether) and ultimately rescues all of her feline friends (plus the woman herself). I tell you all of this because when it comes to Cowboys training camp next month, rookie quarterback Mike White has the potential to be the Deeds to your pet cats.

Mike White could be a roster-changing domino

A couple of months back we talked about the likelihood of the Cowboys keeping three quarterbacks in Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, and the aforementioned White. It’s generally agreed upon that this will be the case, but what if it’s not?

If White impresses throughout training camp and the preseason it stands to reason that Dallas could roll with him as their primary backup. They’re clearly not afraid to trust big-time quarterback duties to young players as evidenced by what Dak and Rush have had put on their plates over the last two years.

Say that this does happen, say that White has impressed the team that much. It’s certainly not a bad idea to still keep Cooper Rush around because he impressed the team in a similar capacity just a season ago, but the Cowboys could feel satisfied in Dak and White to the degree that they trade Rush. We’ve seen similar trades around the preseason across the NFL.

Just last year the Buffalo Bills traded quarterback Cardale Jones (who they took in the fourth round the season prior) to the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for a 2018 seventh-round pick.

Right before last season began the Indianapolis Colts sent former first-round receiver Phillip Dorsett (2015) to the New England Patriots in exchange for quarterback Jacoby Brisett who the Pats had taken the round before Buffalo took Cardale in 2016.

If the sequence of events were to unfold in this manner for the Cowboys then Mike White will have effectively freed up a roster spot with his would-be stellar play. Again most logic points to Dallas carrying a triumvirate at the most important position in the game, but they could be as hypothetically impressed by White with somebody else at a different position.

It comes down to simple cost assessment for the Cowboys. It’s certainly possible that they are enamored with one of BTB’s many pet cats. If this is the case, that they are truly in love with [insert cat here] and that White has played well enough... maybe that allows the team to keep the pet they’ve begun to covet.

There are definitely cats we’ve missed once they’ve left

Our own Danny Phantom recently discussed some of the “mistakes” that the Cowboys have made in seasons past. Dallas, like every other NFL team, has seen players they’ve moved on from have success with other teams. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

A lot of times this happens because of decisions like carrying three quarterbacks. Again, this is just one of many possibilities, but it’s why Mike White outperforming Cooper Rush could save somebody like a Lance Lenoir for example.

Pet cats already have their work cut out for them because they have to work diligently in order to prove that they belong. Imagine having all of that on your plate and hoping that Mike White also plays well. It’s fascinating how your future can seemingly hang in the balance of someone else’s performance because of positional alignment in the game of football.

Mike White represents one of a few dominos that could start a sequence in a number of directions. We’ll find out which one it will be in a few weeks out in Oxnard.