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The ‘Fantasy Footballers’ Podcast says Ezekiel Elliott is a top-5 overall player

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BTB discussed fantasy football with the Fantasy Footballers ahead of their trip to Dallas.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Fantasy Footballers are the most popular fantasy football podcast around, having 74K subscribers on YouTube and over 83K followers on Twitter. The trio of Jason Moore, Mike Wright, and Andy Holloway combine humor and football to discuss who you should pick, what strategies you need to know, and the players to keep tabs on in the wavier-wire to help you defeat your friends and win your league’s championship.

The three are heading to Dallas for a live show at Canton Hall this Friday night, July 13th. You can purchase your tickets to attend the event here.

Blogging The Boys had the opportunity to talk with The Fantasy Footballers. We discussed whether or not Dak Prescott can bounce back, if Ezekiel Elliott is a top-5 player in fantasy leagues, and who will step up at wide receiver.

One of the hosts, Andy Holloway, said that Dak Prescott is one of the more curious players that he and other fantasy owners are monitoring.

“Dak is a player that all fantasy owners are really curious about, because he was such a revelation for fantasy owners but he obviously lost a lot of confidence over the back half of last year. For Dak, to me, it’s all about confidence. Is he confident behind that offensive line? Is he confident because Zeke is apart of the backfield? And can he find some pass-catching weapons now that Dez Bryant and Jason Witten are no longer staples in the offense?

So, those are the kind of things that jump out to me about Dak. I think it’s a matter of if he can get confidence in the first few games. You know he’s going to give you some yards on the ground; you know he is going to score five or six touchdowns on the ground; but can he be efficient? Can he cut down on the interceptions that he threw last year? Can he find a WR that can do it for him and that he can have confidence in?

Jason Moore, meanwhile, appears a little higher on the Cowboys’ QB.

“I actually think Dak Prescott is a great late-round pick, because he has the potential to actually be what he has been for the majority of his career — which is Quarterback-1, because of his rushing. His rushing touchdowns, espcially if you’re in, a 4-point-per-passing league. You can say that ‘oh, he lost his confidence’, but at the same time, you can look at the things that happened that caused that — the suspension of Zeke, losing your left tackle. You know, those were at the exact same time that he was bad.

If the left tackle is healthy and Zeke is there, every time those have been in place, Dak has been great. I think you are getting a good value on him. If he ends up being the player he has been the majority of the year, then fantastic.

His rushing ability, and the threat he brings around the goal line, elevates his baseline.

Who will be WR1 for the Cowboys, fantasy wise?

Moore believes it will be one of the new additions to the wide receivers room:

I think it’s definitely going to be Allen Hurns. He’s developing a good connection with Dak. Gallup comes into a good situation, but he’s still only a rookie. Hurns has shown before, I mean he has a season with double-digit touchdowns to his record already. And the fact that Dak is talking about how good that Allen Hurns has been and how they are getting on the same page, I am very confident that Allen Hurns will be the WR1 for Dallas.

Holloway likes Gallup, as well.

We also have Michael Gallup as one of our sleeper’s in our Ultimate Draft Kit. We think he has the opportunity to show something as a rookie.

Is Zeke worth a top-5 pick?

Moore: Oh, yes, 100%. You look at the numbers that Zeke was able to put up last year, which it wasn’t as efficient as his rookie year, but it was still a monster year. He missed six games and he was still RB10. You look at what he did over the season. He had that one game against the Denver Broncos, where he did really nothing. He was shut down. So, take that out and take the six-game suspension out. In nine games, he was RB10.

The talent is there, the offensive line is there, and the volume is there. If you can get those three things in one player, it’s a perfect storm.

The only thing that may prevent him from being drafted over Le’Veon Bell and Gurley is his work in the passing game. I think he is competent in that area, but will they give him a higher target-share? Even with that, he is still a top-5 player.

Can Tavon Austin, like Michael Gallup, be a potential sleeper?

Holloway chimed in, saying that he likes the football player more-so than the fantasy player.

I think he will be on the field and used in a bunch of different ways. He is one of the reasons why I think Zeke won’t get to be a primary pass-catching option out of the backfield, because I think they are invested in using him and they are a team that is depleted from all the weapons that they have had over the years. I have been the one Footballer that has liked the talent of Tavon Austin. It hasn’t always translated to fantasy revelance, but it has on the field. He is a valuable Swiss-army knife type of player.

Special thanks to the three for sitting down and talking some Cowboys fantasy football with us.

The live event this Friday night will feature a meet-and-greet with the three hosts, a live mailbag for the audience to ask the trio and Yahoo Sports contributor Brad Evans, and a giveaway of an autographed Dak Prescott helmet for a lucky person in attendance.