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Dak Prescott is training with Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup, Deonte Thompson, and Lance Lenoir in Florida

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Great to see Dak Prescott working with his new guys.

Deonte Thompson on Instagram

We’re about two weeks away from the Cowboys heading west for training camp in Oxnard, but before then some of them have migrated east... southeast to be specific.

Wednesday morning saw a barrage of Instagram updates from Lance Lenoir and Deonte Thompson noting that they were at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Florida. They are not alone as Michael Gallup and Allen Hurns are in for the party, as is quarterback Dak Prescott.

A lot has been made about how Dak Prescott has a new cast of characters at the wide receiver position this season. Of the four that are present in these videos in Florida with him, none of them were on the Cowboys 53-man roster last season.

Cliché as it sounds, chemistry is everything for the quarterback-receiver connection. Prescott and his pass-catchers have to know everything about how each other operate, the relationship needs to be symbiotic and effortless so that it all translates to the field.

For now this is just five teammates training together in Florida, but these are the moments and sessions that build what’s needed for great plays to be made in January and February. Let’s hope that’s the case here.