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One Cowboys fan takes a pilgrimage to The Star

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A photographic tour of the Dallas Cowboys’ World Headquarters

My niece recently got married which meant a return visit to my hometown of Dallas. With a few hours to kill on a Friday afternoon I enthusiastically gathered the family (myself, wife and 8-year old daughter) to lobby for a visit to Dallas Cowboys’ World Headquarters. The Star was less than 10 minutes from our hotel and the pleasant afternoon was a perfect opportunity to make a pilgrimage to bask in the glow of greatness. Five minutes later I hit the road alone as the ladies opted to lounge at the hotel.

I made no preparations, instead mostly interested in checking out the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor Walk and having no real expectations beyond that. It was a wise decision as the visit was both enjoyable and informative.

(Scroll through the gallery of photos below)

In summary, there’s a lot to do in the area. In addition to the park and mini-football field there’s more than a dozen restaurants, bars and eateries within walking distance. The Cowboys hold watch parties on game days.

The official tour lasts an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, depending on which areas are available on a given day. And while we did not meet or chat with any players and coaches during our visit, apparently it’s not uncommon for players to take time for a brief meeting.

I’m glad I made the visit and recommend it to any serious Dallas Cowboys fan. Obviously, bring your wallet, as pretty much everything has captive audience-type pricing. One of the things I particularly appreciate is that whenever I see an image from anywhere at the facility now, I know where it is and how it fits in with everything else.

I’ll finish with this observation, which shone through throughout the tour: if I worked at the facility, I would feel like I was part of greatness. Every aspect of the buildings and the surroundings sets a high standard and creates high expectations.