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ESPN’s Bill Barnwell says Cowboys have third-worst “offensive arsenal” in the NFL

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Somebody isn’t a fan of what Dallas has on offense.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-OTA Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not a single Dallas Cowboys fan out there who would tell you that they aren’t at the very least apprehensive when it comes to who the team will be on offense this season.

Releasing Dez Bryant and seeing Jason Witten retire rightfully makes us think the Cowboys are going to be without some of the biggest playmakers they’ve had in recent history. All of that makes sense.

The Cowboys offense is like if The Brady Bunch suddenly had six new actors playing the kids. It can totally be as good, or even better, than the previous iteration, but we’ve known one thing for so long and the unknown is just that, unknown. At least we know they’re working out together.

A couple of months ago ESPN’s Matthew Berry called the Cowboys receiver corps the worst in the NFL. Fellow company man Bill Barnwell is not far off from Berry. Bill did a ranking of each team’s “offensive arsenal” and there are only two teams worse than the Cowboys, the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. Your 30th-ranked offensive arsenal:

When you remove that dominant offensive line and quarterback Dak Prescott from the equation, the Cowboys are left with one excellent running back in Ezekiel Elliott and what must surely be the worst receiving corps in football. The four tight ends vying to replace Jason Witten have 94 combined career receiving yards, all of which come from Geoff Swaim. The team’s best wideout is Allen Hurns, who had one impressive season in four years with the Jaguars and hasn’t been able to stay healthy over the past two seasons. The team is excited about third-round pick Michael Gallup, which is a reflection on the power of hope, but even Tavon Austin has to believe that the organizational plan to give the former Rams wideout 12 to 24 touches per game on offense is too much Tavon Austin.

When you remove that dominant offensive line and quarterback Dak Prescott...

...why would we be removing them? Is it against the rules for the Cowboys to play with an offensive line or with their quarterback? I know the NFL has been changing rules, but if this is a new one then things are going to get weird this season.

As noted, the Cowboys do have a ton of new faces at the wide receiver position; however, they have the best offensive line in the NFL returning fully healthy (and in the case of Zack Martin, paid) with a new castmate themselves in Connor Williams. Oh and that Dak Prescott guy gets to play, that’s allowable.

The reality of the situation when it comes to the Cowboys is that the offensive line and Dak Prescott, shocker here, are part of the team’s offensive arsenal. The makeup and disposition of who the Cowboys are as an offense is completely dictated by what their line can do. While you can debate that as the best strategy, you can’t debate that it’s theirs and that they have premier talents at it.

The Bills were ranked ahead of the Cowboys. The Bills. The same team that puts the Super Bowls they lost on their official stationary.