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Earl Thomas continues stoking flames by following the Dallas Cowboys on Instagram

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Earl Thomas is relentless.

Earl Thomas on Instagram

Instagram plays such a fascinating role in professional sports these days.

It was just Wednesday night that Earl Thomas was back dropping bread crumbs on Instagram regarding his desire to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Thursday evening he didn’t exactly drop a whole loaf, but he dropped more than a few crumbs. Consider this a couple of full pieces of toast. Earl Thomas outright followed the Dallas Cowboys on the social medial platform as well as one of the greatest safeties the organization has ever had, Darren Woodson.

The order of follows begins with the most recent at the top, so Earl followed Woody first, you get the picture. This is past a point where it’s casual coincidence. These seem to be calculated and conscious decisions to some degree.

This could be Earl trying to force his way out, or it could be Earl trying to get the Seahawks to realize just how badly he wants out so that they offer him the new contract he desires. Whatever the case, there’s clearly an objective here.

It’s no secret that Thomas wants to play for the Cowboys (our friends at Field Gulls provided their perspective on all of this madness). Interest is certainly there in Dallas, but what remains to be seen is if an agreement with the Seattle Seahawks can be met.

Training camp is only a few weeks away so perhaps a deal will in fact get done. For now all we can do is wait while Thomas continues to light the bat signal up in the sky with his favorite star-shaped logo.