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Report: Cowboys single-season rushing champion DeMarco Murray to retire

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2014 will always be special.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s been four years since DeMarco Murray set the single-season rushing record for the Dallas Cowboys with 1,845 yards.

Murray has bounced around a bit since then with stints in Philadelphia and Tennessee. He had some success with the Titans, but things have never truly been the same for DeMarco, and it seems that his playing days are firmly behind him. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Murray is retiring.

Murray left quite a mark on both the Cowboys and Eagles over the last few seasons, his decision to head to Philadelphia in free agency three years ago is a fascinating domino to consider the multiple timelines of.

DeMarco was famously close with Tony Romo and Jason Witten. In just four years each leg of the tripod has retired, two of whom have gone on to land leading color analyst jobs, and Dez Bryant is a free agent as of now. This photo has quite the Marty McFly at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance effect.

DeMarco said this week on Adam Schefter’s podcast that he wanted to have a career in the media when his days in football were officially over. Considering he’s announcing it on NFL Live it seems like he’s well on his way in that direction. Maybe he’ll eventually join the ESPN umbrella with Jason Witten.

2014 is one of those seasons that as Cowboys fans we will always cherish and hold close to our hearts. DeMarco Murray was a big part of that. It was his record-setting performance that season that served as the indicator as to what the new disposition of the Dallas Cowboys was, a run-heavy team that wasn’t going to apologize for it while you couldn’t stop them.

Happy trails, DeMarco. Thanks for the good times.