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Half of the Cowboys preseason games will air live on NFL Network

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Good for the out-of-market folks.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a tradition football fans everywhere partake in when it comes to the preseason.

We celebrate its arrival because it’s the first sip of football after an offseason spend squandering in the desert. About three quarters in we’re fed up with the quality of it and ready to get back to football that matters. Tale as old as time, my friends.

Another yearly exercise when it comes to the preseason is typically finding ways just to watch it, especially for those out of market of the DFW area. Preseason games get relegated to local markets so the people the help the Cowboys personify the America’s Team moniker often are left with nothing.

Thankfully the Cowboys are indeed America’s Team which means that everyone wants to see them. Half of the team’s preseason games will be broadcast live on NFL Network for the entire country to see, so you don’t have to worry about two more.

It’s the first two games, San Francisco and Cincinnati, that will be on NFL Network. Thankfully the third “dress rehearsal” game against the Cardinals was already scheduled to be on NBC, so we’ve been covered there for a while. That’s three out of four games that will be available to the non-DFW folks. While we always shoot for 100% success rate, at least this significantly minimizes an issue that a lot of Cowboys fans have to deal with.