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Former Cowboys players will feed into the San Antonio Alliance of American Football team

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This kind of makes us San Antonio fans.

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The Alliance of American Football and XFL have the potential to really shift the football landscape in the United States.

Whether or not either league can compete with the NFL (or each other for that matter) remains to be seen and is an incredibly lofty goal, but they at the very least have the potential to provide some football for us to enjoy in the spring. That would be great.

Personally I’m a resident of San Antonio so it’s easy to choose with AAF team my loyalty will belong to, the Alamo City of course. The thing is if you support the Cowboys you might see some familiar faces around the SA franchise seeing as that’s the one that former members of America’s Team will feed into.

It’s not shocking that former Cowboys, Texans, and even Chiefs would filter into San Antonio. There are only eight AAF teams and they’re spread all over the country so they have to figure out what makes geographical sense. The Eagles are certainly an interesting choice, though.

The in-state universities are also unsurprising, football is kind of a big deal in Texas. There are definitely former Cowboys though that may wind up playing in this new league, think of it like an organization that’s reviving all of your favorite pet cats of yesterday.

San Antonio’s team will be playing in the Alamodome which is interesting particularly for the Cowboys considering they’ve held training camp there before. Perhaps we’ll end up with someone who once trained in the building as a Cowboy and ultimately plays professionally in it as a [to be determined].