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What was your favorite DeMarco Murray moment in Dallas?

We had some good times together.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Longtime Dallas Cowboys fans have the video from Roger Staubach’s retirement burned into their minds. The Dodger choking up while talking about Tom Landry’s “funny” hat is an image you just can’t forget.

DeMarco Murray announced his own retirement on ESPN’s NFL Live this past Friday. It was hardly Roger’s moment in the sun, but it did close a career that was important to the Cowboys.

Murray spent only four seasons in Dallas, but he was a critical part of a season we’ll always hold near and dear to our hearts. 2014 was special and he was essential to it. While in a technical sense we may only be talking about a running back who sits sixth on the Cowboys all-time rushing list, he’s someone that we have fond memories of.

Football memories can be different. There are obvious ones that Murray was a part of, but there may be some more specific to you. Maybe DeMarco was responsible for a huge fantasy win in your life, or perhaps he just ripped off an incredible performance on a day that left a mark for you.

What was your favorite DeMarco moment?

Everybody loves the record-setter

There were a notable number of answers commemorating DeMarco’s record-setting performance against the then St. Louis Rams during his rookie season (2011). He ran for an astonishing 253 yards, it remains the most yards any Cowboy has ever run for in a game. What’s more is that it started off with a 91-yard touchdown run.

Who could ever forget 4th and Season?

During 2013’s penultimate game on the road in Washington, Tony Romo literally broke his back while driving to win the game. It’s the stuff of legends.

With a loss eliminating them from playoff contention, the Cowboys faced 4th and goal with a minute and change left in the game. Romo in all his glory weaved his way to a position that he found DeMarco Murray in the front corner of the endzone where he scored and kept the season alive. Dallas would lose without Romo the following week, but the moment was magnificent.

2014 in Seattle was pretty incredible

If the 2014 season was a box set of DVDs, the cover image would absolutely be the Cowboys winning on the road in Seattle. It was earlier in the season than your typical epic win, but it was a statement that they were a legitimate contender.

At the time nobody could go into Seattle and beat the Seahawks. It was unheard of. The Cowboys rode DeMarco (28 carries, 115 yards, one touchdown) and shocked the world. It was Murray’s sixth-consecutive game of over 100 yards rushing to begin the season. He would ultimately stretch this streak to eight games, an NFL record.

It’s interesting that the Seattle Seahawks themselves are at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to their identity. They’ve been the NFL’s marquee defense this decade, and a lot of that is due to Pete Carroll. DeMarco has had a surprising amount of success against him. From our friends at Field Gulls:

For whatever reason, Murray was a thorn in the side of the Seahawks defense. In fact, he has the most 100-yard rushing performances (3) of any opposing running back in the Pete Carroll era. He had 139 in his rookie year back in 2011, 115 in 2014, and 115 last year, which was his only 100-yard game of the entire season. His 75-yard touchdown run in Week 3 capped off what was essentially the decisive 3rd quarter for the Titans in their win over the Seahawks. Murray’s one bad day vs. Seattle saw him only muster 44 yards on 12 carries in 2012, when the Seahawks defense held the Cowboys to just 7 points in Russell Wilson’s first home start.

We listed a handful of the greatest DeMarco Murray moments in Dallas, but there are definitely more. What’s yours?

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