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Will Ezekiel Elliott surpass DeMarco Murray on the Cowboys all-time rushing list in 2018?

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It’s difficult, but definitely possible.

DeMarco Murray retired on Friday, and when he did, he did so as number six on the Dallas Cowboys all-time rushing list.

There are 4,526 yards that DeMarco earned (an astonishing 1,845 of them all in 2014) during his days in Dallas, but the meat the left on the proverbial bone was quickly devoured by Ezekiel Elliott in 2016. Two years in, only 25 games mind you, Zeke is sitting on 2,614 yards with the Cowboys.

Some quick math will tell you that Zeke trails DeMarco by 1,912 yards. It sounds ridiculous, but he could surpass him this season if everything breaks right. Entering 2018, Zeke’s average is 104.6 yards per game and that would leave him only 250 or so yards shy of tying DeMarco. Those residual yards could surely be had during games where Zeke does particularly well, he’s broken 145 yards twice in each of his two seasons.

Zeke would have to average 120 yards across the season in order to break DeMarco, and doing so would not only mean that Zeke would pass Murray on the Cowboys all-time rushing list, he’d then pass him as far as the greatest statistical season that any Cowboys running back has ever had, DeMarco’s aforementioned 2014 season.

A lot of this depends on factors outside of Zeke. During his rookie season when he racked up 1,631 yards he sat the last game because the Cowboys had nothing to play for in Philadelphia. A perfect storm of necessity and performance would have to exist in order for Zeke to flirt with this line, and even if he did he’d then be flirting with an even more historic line... 2,000 yards in a season.

Many thought/hoped that DeMarco would be the first Cowboys ball-carrier to join the 2k club, but similar to Zeke in 2016, the Cowboys had nothing to gain in their 2014 regular season finale. Surprisingly, DeMarco still pulled off a 100-yard game in Washington.

There’s a lot of history hanging in the balance for Elliott this season. It’s the first season he’s entering without the threat of drama that plagued 2017 for him and the Cowboys, perhaps it’s there for the taking for him.


Will Ezekiel Elliott surpass DeMarco Murray on the Cowboys all-time rushing list in 2018 (1,913 yards)?

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