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Tony Romo won the American Century Championship, his second win in a row

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Back to back wins for Romo!

Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship - Round Two Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Last week Tony Romo won the Racine Tri-Course Amateur Championship, but you know Romo. He’s not the type of guy who just likes one Sunday win a season.

Romo is now officially riding a streak. On Sunday he won the American Century Championship, his second win in a row.

Many prominent figures competed out in Lake Tahoe, but Romo reigned victorious. Aaron Rodgers was no match (duh), Blake Bortles couldn’t catch him (Romo did pick the Jaguars to go to the Super Bowl), even Jerry Rice fell short of Tony’s glory.

Romo obviously doesn’t have football (in terms of training to play it) in his life anymore so he’s able to focus more on his golf career. His attempts at qualifying for the U.S. Open are well-documented, maybe he’s finally on track to make it happen.

Golf is not an easy sport, and while this tournament wasn’t exactly full of PGA Tour pros it’s not an easy one to win. Romo’s game on the links is starting to sharpen and it’s a lot of fun for Cowboys fans to watch.

Keep it up, Tony. We’re rooting for you.