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Earl Thomas: If you don’t want me let’s make a trade happen I understand it’s a bizz

Earl Thomas is seemingly putting it all out there.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Earl Thomas has seemingly done an awful lot to get himself from the Seattle Seahawks to the Dallas Cowboys.

He’s dropped some bread crumbs all over the place courtesy of his Instagram profile. There’s also the fact that he literally chased down Jason Garrett on Christmas Eve and told him to go get him (Thomas) if he (Garrett) could.

Perhaps Earl is tired of waiting, to get to Dallas or for a new deal in Seattle. If he was dropping crumbs before then consider this the whole loaf. Earl all but asked the Seahawks to trade him all over Instagram.

This is absolutely a business. Earl knows that. The Seahawks know that. The Cowboys know that. This is a potential business transaction that may or may not ever get done.

It didn’t exactly look great that Earl was so publicly flirting with, at the very least, the idea of playing for the Cowboys all over social media, but ultimately it was perhaps just innocent fun. Earl coming out with a decree like this is definitely an evolved step in the process.

Seattle reports to training camp next week, whether Earl Thomas will be with them under his current or new contract are all things that remain to be seen. What’s definitely known as of now (and has been for a while) is that Thomas is ready for some action and he’s going to keep beating this drum until he gets some.

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