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How many yards will Ezekiel Elliott gain this season?

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Predict the All Pro’s final numbers.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp right around the corner (players arrive July 25th!) and some media outlets already tossing out power rankings, let’s jump into the prediction game. Today we’ll give everyone an opportunity to forecast Ezekiel Elliott’s final 2018 regular season statistics. Rather than asking you to make your predictions in the comments we’ll instead direct you to fill out this form.

All entries will be tabulated so we can determine the BTB crowd-sourced consensus prediction. Then at the end of the season we can compare the predictions to actual results and crown the top BTB prognosticator.

We’ll start today with Elliott and over the next seven weeks we’ll ask the BTB community to make their predictions on everything from how many touchdowns Cole Beasley will score to Dan Bailey’s accuracy. We’ll conclude with predictions for the team’s final record and NFC East standings.

For what it’s worth, I have an ambitious season planned for young Mr. Elliott:

  • 326 rushing attempts
  • 1,728 yards
  • 14 touchdowns
  • 36 catches
  • 388 receiving yards
  • 3 receiving touchdowns

So, tell us BTB, what’s Ezekiel Elliott gonna do this year?