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What does Cowboys’ DE Randy Gregory contract situation look like after being reinstated by the NFL?

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What does Randy Gregory’s contract situation look like after being reinstated? Let’s find out.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Gregory is back. Well, not quite, but all things are pointing to Gregory joining the team for training camp next week. News broke earlier this week that the former Nebraska pass rusher will be reinstated by the NFL under a few guidelines. If Gregory does what he’s supposed to, he should go through a full training camp, preseason, and be ready for week one’s matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

But what about the future for Gregory? Randy was drafted in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, technically he’s supposed to be a free agent at the end of the season, right? Wrong. In Gregory’s three-year career, he has only been active for 14 games. In his rookie-year he played in 12 of those 14 games after suffering an ankle injury that kept him sidelined for six weeks. Patrik Walker of 247Sports broke down Gregory’s contract situation down nicely here:

The fact is, Gregory has only been active for a total of 14 games in his first three seasons. With 12 of those games coming in Year One, he accrued no time towards his deal in Year Two or Year Three -- despite having logged two games in the former and the latter seeing him miss the entirety of the season. This means his contract could be tolled in favor of the Cowboys, considering they’re now three years in while having gotten only one accrued season out of the agreement. What tolling could do is displace his 2017 salary ($731,813) to 2018, and his 2018 salary ($955,217) to 2019, essentially stretching his initial contract.

For the Cowboys, it looks like they’ll get Gregory for three more years on his rookie contract. The team has no idea what they are getting in Randy Gregory, who has been away from the game since 2016, but if Gregory is in shape and ready to go, the Cowboys will get a 25-year-old freak athlete, with elite traits to add to their defensive end room when they kick off training camp next week. Not a bad late-July addition for a team needing as much front-seven help as possible.

What do you think Cowboys Nation, does Randy Gregory finally make a positive impact for the Dallas Cowboys in 2018?