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Read the letters that Sean Lee, Tyrone Crawford & Jeff Heath wrote on Randy Gregory’s behalf

Some Cowboys leaders had Randy Gregory’s back.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

This week was a big one for the Dallas Cowboys as Randy Gregory was officially reinstated by the NFL on a conditional basis.

There’s a lot of detail to Randy’s return, things like his contract status and what exactly are the conditions associated with it (your questions can be answered here), but a longtime existing one is how we got here.

Obviously we’ve known that it’s been Randy’s mission to return to football, but what has the process been like? What did Roger Goodell take into consideration when he made the decision?

The answers to this are complex and likely will never fully see the light of day, but part of them have. CowboysCast’s Bobby Belt reported previously that Cowboys leaders Sean Lee, Tyrone Crawford, and Jeff Heath had all previously written letters to the Commissioner on Randy’s behalf. We now have a look at them.

Sean Lee

Tyrone Crawford

Jeff Heath

As you can see all three players (two captains mind you, Jeff Heath is also part of the leadership council) spoke glowingly of their struggling teammate. They all acknowledged the issues that Randy has dealt with in the past and all expressed confidence in who he is (was at the time) as a potential returnee.

Sean Lee and Tyrone Crawford are, as noted, captains on the Cowboys. Jeff Heath has seemingly been knocking at the door of this for some time, perhaps this is an indication of just how much presence he has in the locker room. A “C” could very well be in his future.

Randy Gregory’s return has been celebrated all week because of what it could mean in terms of football ramifications. Reading what just a handful of his peers think about him is inspiring because it means that Randy is entering an environment where he’s completely supported. That’s what ultimately matters, and he’s got that in spades.

Kudos to the Cowboys triumvirate of leaders on stepping up to defend their guy. This is the type of attitude Jason Garrett has been cultivating. Good job all around.

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